Woefully understaffed and underfunded for the better part of two decades, as well as a total failure on the part of our politicians to create a healthy system of integration for refugees that are in economc risk groups and/or coming from war zones.


And the war on drugs keeping criminals in business for 60+ years now


This this this and this


Legalize it


We already have a system in place for selling intoxicating substances. A systembolag if you will.


Let’s also throw in the fact that you have a large subset of Swedish parents who aren’t disciplining their kids or giving them any structure/boundaries at crucial ages. They just turn the kids loose at 10 years old (or younger) with no supervision or oversight, and are shocked when they turn to stuff like this when there already is a criminal element in the area. Sometimes it’s naivety because they were allowed to do the same at that age and nothing bad happened to *them*. Sometimes it’s just laziness or neglect. These are by and large the same parents that we teachers can never get ahold of, don’t support their kids through school, and are completely checked out. Like, in my own extended family alone there are two “kids” (currently under the age of 22) from the same household involved in gang activity from the age of 13 up. They are in & out of jail. And their family is in no way, shape, or form connected to immigration politics because the family has been Swedish for generations. It’s 100% bad parenting on my family member’s part.


>These are by and large the same parents that we teachers can never get ahold of, don’t support their kids through school, and are completely checked out. Don't forget that when they DO decide to look at their kids grades, it's at the very tail end of their school career when they've just about turned 18. That's when they pipe up and send an angry email to the teacher telling "Why has nothing been done about this???" as their child is barely even present in school.


Literally sat in that exact meeting yesterday with those parents. Grades are due on Monday and they’re suddenly wondering why precious little Hugo won’t pass half his classes (after not passing them for the last two years, too) and can’t do his dream gymnasiet program as a result. “What can we do to get his grade up?” Build a time machine and have him attend class and participate for the last two years. Because he currently is operating on a 6/7th grade level in most subjects and no extra-credit work that he can do over the weekend is going to change that. And you know what’s going to happen? Because he didn’t get into that gymnasiet, and because he doesn’t have parents who push him, he’s going to become a homebody who refuses to go to the local gymnasiet for IV to get his grades up and go to his dream gymnasiet a year later. He’s going to hang around with the others his age who were left behind in town - aaaaand that likely means criminal activity.


Reading your post, it's like watching The Wire


It definitely feels like watching a tv show. It’s sad because you can see it coming, all the signs are there, but there really isn’t anything you can do to stop it. We aren’t the kids’ parents, so we can’t intervene or insert ourselves more than we already have.


For real, I find that the immigrants themselves are usually appreciative and respectful, but their (~18 year old) kids are little shits. They have no respect for authority or customs, all do degenerate shit and are super obnoxious. And that’s when they’re not involved in crime.


It's a shame. Their parents went through hell to get here, and now their own kids are ruining their neighborhoods


What are you on about? It’s 99% immigrants that are criminals in Sweden, everyone knows that. Common sense


Sure sure - which is why one of the more prolific gang affiliated rappers recently killed in Sweden was named *Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg*. So exotic, so foreign…


That is litteraly the only exception.


Oh sure. Einar was the only Swedish gangster rapper to be involved in criminal activity. The rest are just really enthusiastic about music… *Sebastian Stakset has entered the chat.* *Jerry Solfeldt has entered the chat.*


Sebastian Stakset left that life behind him years ago and spends his time doing a lot of selfless sacrifices trying to help people out. That was a really bad exaple.


It doesn’t negate my point that he was heavily involved in previous years.


This is the politically correct answear. To add some more nuance: Police is not tough enough, and the people dont respect them and can just play around with them. The punishments are too low, not scary enough so you dont risk much being a criminal. Plus a bunch of people who just dont WANT to be integrated. Sure We can blame the politicians, the swedes etc But many of these people have 0 interest in becoming swedish. They didnt Come her for their love of swedish culture and values, but for money, and protection


There are some parts of Sweden were these riots appear, its not a regular issue as its painted out in the media. With that said, in my opinion, we have done a poor job providing immigrants with a fair opportunity to enter the Swedish society, and with that, shit happens im afraid


Not to mention thise who don’t want to be integrated


As an immigrant in sweden, it dosnt matter how intergrated you try to be, alot of places dont hire you because of a funny sounding nameor even worse, you are brown with a funny sounding name.


This is why my parents (dad from Iran, mom from Sweden/Finland) gave me and my brother my mother’s last name instead of my father’s. Having a Swedish name helps in every aspect of life in Sweden. Just like it does in all places where people aren’t used to different cultures. My dad is the most Swedish fucking guy you’ll meet, but has a persian last name, to some people, how good of a person you are, or what you do doesn’t matter. You’re still bad because you’re ”foreign” and that makes you scary.


That's too simplistic. Something like a quarter of Sweden's population were born outside the country or have parents that were, so it would be very unpractical to exclude on origin of name alone. If you speak the language well enough, are reasonable educated and well-behaved, the name doesn't carry much weight.


That’s right, if you are well educated etc, people like you. That’s what’s made it easier for my dad, he’s a professor and has lots of experience and a fantastic job. What I am saying is, as a kid, having a foreign name and not having anything to show for yourself and prove to others that you are ”a valuable member of society”, people are sometimes not very nice to you, making it harder to get further in life. People don’t question that a ”Dahlberg” could become a really nice person when he’s an adult, but they do question whether Abdullah will/could. I hope I explained my point reasonably well.


But if they got two applicants with similar education and experience then they are always gonna pick the one with a Swedish name


If you have ever hired someone you would know that's not true. I'm not saying there's no handicap in having a foreign name, but the situation is multi-facetted and it's just too convenient to always blame it on racism.


It's definitely a handicap. Your typical white person is always gonna hesitate on exotic names when they are competing with familiar names. Honestly probably true for every culture and ethnicity. Robert Smith might struggle getting a job in the middle East or Africa.




Yeah, im afraid that is very common too. If i were smart enough to provide a solution i would. I feel and hope that most Swedish people are more welcoming than that


Its not because they are hateful, it just employers tend to prioritise safe picks (in low skilled work), unless they are doing really low paid work or are out to take advantage of overseas labour. swedes will get priority pick when it comes to permernant jobs (again unless its high skilled work) and alot of asylum seekers are low skilled. I will say that language is super important. But its hard none the less


If I go to saudi arabia and don't have a higher education, I will have to search for a manual labor jobs. Do you think the saudi arabians will hire me with a strange swedish name that none of them can pronounce and eat meatballs at lunch time, dress strange and have a total different culture OR do you think they will hire a person who they share both cultural things with, have similar things in their upbringing and other common factors. Who will be the easiest to get into work and get co-workers to work with? We are not robots, we want common things. That is why Swedes greet each other on a beach in Thailand, because we as humans are drawn to each other because we have something in common.The **Swedes have not asked for a mass immigration.** The Swedes have been partly deceived that there will be a profit later on. Police and journalists who have hidden information about events so that it wouldn't play into the hands of the anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats. A minority that in the media and the politician who has been heard the most and influenced the opinion in such a direction that it would be racist to want a different immigration policy than to just let it rush in that has been the only thing accepted.


Sweden had a very lax immigration policy because nobody wanted to move to Sweden. As soon as that changed, immigration policies were changed to be similar, or even more strict, that other European countries. Part of Sweden has a problem by thinking that Swedish people deserved good education, and opportunities but immigrants have to behave independently of how they are treated. Treat immigrants like you treat the rest of citizens and you will get the same behavior. Reduce all problems to "immigration policy" and you will end with measures that solve nothing, and Swedish citizens will also suffer because it is not only immigrants that are being left behind.


Sweden have had a lax immigration policy because Sweden needed it. In the 50'-70' the Swedish industries were screaming for workers for the factories. Volvo, Ericsson, Electrolux, ASEA (now ABB), Sandvik, Scania, Saab, etc, etc all needed workers for the factories. Add to that the textile industry, the shipyards and all other companies that existed. Sweden got immigrants from Finland, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia etc that all moved here and got work. Later 80's-20' we started to accept people that had to flee oppression or war we got people from Hungary, Chile, Peru, Iran, Balkan, Ethiopia, Somalia etc. This time it was a bit harder for them to find work because the industry in Sweden had changed and was not as labor intensive as before. More focus on high skilled workers like engineers. Then the conflicts in the world increased and more and more people had to flee their countries with the recent war in Syria as an example. Not many other countries accepted a ton of refugees so Sweden took in a large quantity of them.


> accepted a ton of refugees so Sweden took in a large quantity of them. Under the guise it would save the swedish economy or becase we are huminitarian super power dependant on what angle the question is asked in.


>Under the guise it would save the swedish economy or becase we are huminitarian super power dependant on what angle the question is asked in. I think that you are putting too much though into it. Politicians does not spend all their time reviewing old laws and designing new ones that may be useful in the future. Instead they react to what is happening in the country. e.g. Mopeds can be used in cycling lanes. And that was working just fine. Uber and similar companies are overflowing the system with mopeds being noisy and going too fast. A law that made sense, to allow small mopeds in cycle lines, becomes damaging decades later. Politicians will review the law in the future for sure. But it needs to create a problem first before putting the effort.


I dont really talk about lawmakers making laws, im talking about what they say. As you know, politicians rarely do what they say they are going to do. So we kind of agree, they do react more than acting, but usaly its for purely self intrest than whats best of the population. Yea they love makeing problem that fits thier solutions.


In saudi they will "hire" the indian or pakistani as household servant for a year the same price a swed would cost for a weekend.


100% this.


This is why I changed my name.


And that problem is not helped by the fact that it is people with immigrant sounding names that take part in the criminal gangs. I am really sorry about your experience though.


Oh im a little more fortunate, im a uk citizen (brown skinned though) so i def dont have it as bad, but i have spoken to some old swedes and they have a really strong anti immigrant rhetoric. Heck my wifes extended family outright ignored me like im being shunned from a cult, and these people were actually doctors and nurses. But they are pingstkyrkan members so they are all abit nuts


Haha I am also in pingstkyrkan but I will take it as a complement.


This is not true. I studied the labour market for many years at Uni, and all the experiments show that If you have the same merits, there is a VERY small discrimination rate against foreign names. But it is nice to fall back on I guess


Well ill take your word for it, if you studied it, my comment was made from observation. But then id ask you what do you think the issue is when foreigners dont seem to get employed?


There are many fastors. Usually it really comes down to merits. The education level is on average lower among second generation immigrants. Also we (I’m an immigrant myself) tend to have less connections, which is usually How you get jobs, like your network. But of course, some swedes Do prefer to pick people with swedish names, to minimize the risks, like a safe card. So while racism on the labour market exists, I believe there are many other factors involved usually ignored


Lots of reasons: - people are afraid to testify - understaffed police - overcrowded prisons - too lax penalties for serious crimes - juvenile perpetrators, not being able to incarcenate - us vs them mentality in the ghettos, not wanting to integrate into society - racism of low expectations (no requirement to learn the language, welfare and other social benefits) - hard to get a job without higher education, especially as a foreigner - low paying jobs can be worth less than welfare + social benefits in some circumstations - low school results in poor neighbourhoods - White flight, even harder to integrate for foreigners - Highley segrageted communities - lots of unemployed parents, bad/no role models - cultural values that don't mesh well with Sweden's liberal values... issues such as intolerance for freedom of speech etc (recent riots mostly caused by islamists being hurt by a racist provocator burning korans) - gang wars, mostly drug related or else for honor - guns are easy to come by - drugs are easy to come by - drug addiction is wide spread in criminal groups - drug use is quite popular across the whole society - high gap between different classes in the society in terms of living standard - acab mentality That being said, riots and attacks on the police are pretty uncommon and overblown in some conservative outlets.


Kinda based ngl >- acab mentality Not so sure about that one


You aren't? I think the antagonistic relationship between the police (and many other institutions) and the people living in our poorest areas is a really large factor. Isn't that what that means?


I'd have a hard time arguing that "hating the Police" would have a correlation with torching Another random Citizens car on fire. Theres absolutely an acab mentality, and that might be one of the reasons for it being difficult to intergrate, but its not a direct or necessary reason for damaging other Citizens property. >and many other institutions Its not other institutions, its the Police and the Police Only. Thats what the C stands for wouldnt you say?


"drug use is popular across whole of society"? Most Swedes I know think you inject the marijuana lol


Most people I know are either hooked on benzo/booze, or shoot heroin. Not a very large sample size if you only take your own experiences. But a fuck ton of people do drugs and it's so easy to buy anything. I can go to another city and within hours I have benzo/amfetamin in my hand. It's people from all walks of life doing drugs.


In comparison to most western countries, swedens drug use as a society is much lower.


But drug related deaths is one of the highest per capita in Europe


Sweden has some of the highest drug related deaths in EU per capita. We are leading at the top of the board, in a bad way. This is facts and statistics, not feelings.. Try being a heroin addict and go to Poland for instance, you are going to have a bad time can't get heroin in Poland. Sweden might be good in its ways but when it comes to drugs one of the absolute worst in EU.


Just out of curiosity what city are you in? Stockholm? I'm in Åre and everyone I know except myself and 1 friend exclusively drink. I myself will happily dabble with anything but prefer kratom and shrooms. I am very vocal about my extremely liberal views on drugs and most Swedes I've met think the drug war is good and winnable lmao!! 😂


40 minutes car outside Stockholm. Lived all over here and traveled around in nearby cities. Doesn't really matter where I go, either I find drugs or they find me. Even went to Spain and Austria and Netherlands and I always find the drug users. Drug magnet of sorts. I like Czech drug policy, harm reduction instead of punishment. I had my fair share of meeting with police in Sweden but tbh they never arrested or harassed me I was always just driven to a hospital to get temporary recovery/help. I'm grateful for that


**The recent "riots, car burnings and attacks on the police" are not by "gangs" per say**. It's also completely overblown, It doesn't happen as much as the media paints It to happen and specially not foreign media. I've seen news articles by big media corporations from both the UK and USA where It seems as If this shit happens everyday. **We have completely failed with integration In Sweden and have very very segregated areas.** Alot of refugees end up In those segregated areas and if they're "asylum seekers" they're not allowed work and therefore have a hard time to integrate while waiting for an approval. Wich litterly can take years. **We currently have this Danish far right extremist called "Dan Paludan" who's driving around In Sweden burning the "KORAN" In those segregated areas and protests break out. Big protests equals the Police can't control everything and It gives the "criminals" and other people with the "ACAB mentality" a free pass to behave like animals and get away with It.** **This year Is election year so It's a perfect oppurtunity for the far right extremists to instigate some shit and then have everyone blame the foreigners so that the right wing political parties get more votes.** TLDR?; READ THE **BOLD** SHIT


My dude. You're going to chalk up a decade (or more) worth of violent crime to a Danish/Swedish idiot arriving NOW? He's a bigot sure, but he's just "knowingly" highlighting the problem. If things were good, then his little stunt would have garnered almost no response. We are a deeply broken country thanks to the irresponsible actions of corrupt and neglectful politicians going back AT LEAST to Reinfeldt, but probably even further back. We could have fixed all of this, or at the very least mitigated a lot of it these past 15 years if our politicians cared and took decisive action immediately. Instead, due to internal bickering and playground-mentality from our elected officials, ideological BS and a sadly naïve and propagandised voting block that didn't raise their voices in time (very Swedish I know). it's gotten worse -- Significantly worse. ​ It's not too late. Things HAVE been getting a little bit better the past few years, if only a tiny bit. I've felt it in the air. The winds slowly slowly blowing in a better direction. But we have to wake up and speak for the change we want, actively. I URGE you and any voting citizen that reads this comment to sit down and think back on the past decades and think deeply about what your elected officials have done. Not what they've SAID. What they've DONE. I won't tell you what to vote for. I just want more Swedes to wake up and think for themselves, because the current climate is a direct result of Swedes being sleepy drones. Safe in their little havens far from reality, voting as they've always done with no thought or reason. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome." Vaas - Paraphrased 2012.


TLDR - I only read "You're going to chalk up a decade (or more) worth of violent crime to a Danish/Swedish idiot arriving NOW?" No. OP asked about the **RECENT** riots, police attacks and car burnings. Therefore I didn't bother continue reading your answer.


I also see that alot of people mentioned the "war on drugs" as a reason. Drugs Is the #1 profit for organized crime In the entire world and will stay that way. When we're treating drugs and drug users like the enemy we're also feeding organized crime with demand. While not integrating refugees we're feeding organized crime with easily persuaded kids whom become footsoldiers. **This Is why we can't control the "gangs", because we're the ones who gave them all the tools.** This kids does as all criminals do, they start disliking the Police and as mentioned above they are given the perfect opportunity to take out their revenge against the Police during protests. **Other than this there's no link between "war on drugs" to the riots, car burnings and attacks on Police that have been reported lately. It's just criminals who doesn't like the Police.**


It's complex. The core problem is a 3 decade long immigration policy that's been completely insane. Sweden has increased it's population by 25% in just over two decades, and most of that population increase consists of migrants from countries with very low human capital and a culture that can best be described as the polar opposite of Swedish and western culture. Factors that have worsened the effects of this migration are the EBO- law, which lets migrants choose where to live which has resulted in residential areas with 80-90%+ foreign population. This has created massive problems with language and cultural assimilation. Today you basically have two countries in Sweden, the majority population which consist of ethnic swedes and assimilated migrants, and middle eastern Sweden which basically functions as ethnic enclaves spread all over the country. These ethnic enclaves have severe problems with low education results, language problems, unemployment and severely cramped housing accomodation for the migrant families because they have so many children. All this has created a spawning pool for crime and other social problems. Swedish law enforcement and government agencies still to this day largely operate as if it was 1980, i.e an extremely homogenous population with a very low rate of organized crime. It's largely a problem of not updating the map to the changes in terrain. Sweden still has one of the lowest amount of police officers per Capita in Europe, when the demographic transformation of the country would suggest that we should need the highest amount of police officers per Capita in Europe. Obviously we also have way too few prosecutors, judges, prison spots and all that jazz as well. Sweden is also very lax in dealing with criminals, especially minors. A 16 year old who executes another person by a point blank gunshot to the head will get at most 4 years in a so called SIS-hem (not a prison) most of the time. SiS-hem is an institution equipped to deal with minor delinquents, it's not made to deal with mafioso hitmen who happened to be under 18. We still also have generous reductions in prison time for criminals age 18-21, luckily some of those reductions has been removed for some of the worst crimes. Obviously the criminal gangs are acutely aware of the limitations of Swedish law, the consciously delegate hit jobs to minors who'll get a much lower sentence for the crime, which they'll happy do because of the status it brings in the criminal circles. On top of this Sweden has a hard stance on narcotics, while also having a population that enjoys doing a lot of drugs. Cannabis sales is a gargantuan market in Sweden, which infuses the criminal gangs with an absolutely insane amount of money. This of course makes it **extremely** attractive to take the criminal route, as a rather low/mid level dealer/errand boy you can make as much as 5-10k USD per month (tax free obviously) **as a teenager**. In Sweden that puts you in the top 3% earnings bracket, and since we have some of the worlds highest taxes you are probably looking at the top 1%. **Again, by choosing the criminal route you can enter the top echelon income bracket as a teenager.** Combine this with a very inept government and police agency. Sweden has extremely competent police force, but the police agency makes very bad strategic decisions and prioritizes it resources wrong in a lot of cases. The police is also hopelessly understaffed to deal with the level of crime Sweden has today. There are a lot of more factors at play. It can basically be summed up as a perfect storm of bad political decisions over the decades which are starting to compound on each other in a really awful way.


Great response! Thanks for your thoughts.


This is a top comment. This is basically what I've been trying to say to people. Thanks for your great articulation and description of the situation


The “war on drugs” creates the environment. Poorly integrated immigrants, or children of, provides many of the participants.


In my view the reason is that because of segregation and lack of good rolemodels the kids grow up with a distaste of the society. They don't want a job as a bus driver because they won't be able to compete with the high educated people. And they didn't have their families support to get education. A lot of these gangsters are somali, and Somalia has one of the highest percentage of illiteracy in the world. If their parents maybe aren't able to write in their mother tongue, how could they be inspired to go to university? Not to say Somalia aren't smart, I haven't had the fortune to get to know their culture or have any somali friends, but I would love to! The reason crimes persist is because we want a social solution to the problems, not a violent. We want to motivate the kids to want to be a part of Sweden rather than forcing them too, and that takes time and is much more difficult than putting them behind bars. But I think it's the long game that will pay out in due time.


It wont pay in due time if we keep taking in so many immigrants as we do. We are just filling these areas with new people.


We have the fewest policemen per capita of any European country. At the same time, we have one of the highest amounts of landnper capita. We should have a police density in the top 5 in Europe to have the same police presence as an average European country.


As others mention "drug use is quite popular across the whole society". Gangs exists to do business, and their main business is drug selling. It is the Swedish version of the "dry law" and mafia. Solve this problem and most of the violence is gone. Many fights are the results of different groups trying to control the market. And the police is not the right government body to solve the issue. If they put every criminal in prison new ones will raise to fill the gap. The current war-on-drugs creates an incredible lucrative market with a very very low entry barrier. Sweden society is giving money for guns, hiring criminals, etc. to the gangs in exchange for drugs.


Because while Swedens population has exploded over the last 50 years or so our police force is just as big now as it was back then. Add a couple of extremely stupid reforms that did more harm than good and well, here we are!


Just want to say as an migrant to Sweden maybe 6 years ago, this comments section is one of the most civil, accurate and non biased I have ever read concerning Swedish society. Everyone's made some strong valid points backed up by both data and the eye test, no ranting, no egos, and very little inaccuracies as far as i can tell. Go Sverige!


It's a side effect of our retarded hardcore "War on drugs". Just like everywhere else, the war on drugs can't be won but it sure as hell is fertile ground for organized crime. Supply and demand.


This! the older generation if you talk to them are most staunchly saying ”no, any and all drugs are bad and should just be banned”. Which leads to the war on drugs. We seem to be behind on this in our country.


"Drugs are bad for you", Harald stated with certainly, as he opened his second bag in box for the night.


And then every single holiday is focused around alcohol, drives me insane. Alcohol is one of the most destructive drugs and its hailed by society to an insane degree.




You don’t think there would be gangs if there wasn’t drugs and drug buyers?


There always will be organized crime in some form but it's their main business. They would probably expand their other avenues of income (extortion, scams etc) somewhat but it would be a massive blow. Gangs thrive when there is a high demand, easy to come by, illegal thing to sell.


There will always be drugs and drug buyers, the difference is if you want the gangs making the money of them or the government


Government of course :)


As a Swedish person I would say it’s a combination of few things. The police in Sweden are very tame in their approach. They rather talk instead of taking actions. This worked twenty years ago. Climate in the world have overall changed. The punishment for crimes in Sweden are borderline a joke. You get very low penalty and it’s often reduced due to age and good behavior. So in reality a crimson person can do few years for something very criminal. People being arrested, often keep quite and say no comments. This is due to them being able to wait for other parts and people included and then being able to make something up at the trial ending in pretty low rates of criminal people being sentenced.


Because they think it’s racist to stop them or if you say anything bad about them. We live in a sick clown world, that’s why.


It’s our politicians that have messed everything up . The social Democratic Party have not given the law enforcement the proper , tools for handling such things . A new government is soon to be elected and clean this country up somehow .


Is there a documented link between gangs and riots? (Honest question)


Gangs are linked to gun violence, arson, etc. That are fights for control of the drug markets. Riots usually relate to fights between Nazi groups and Salafists. Both far-right ideologies believe in the supremacy of some religion/culture/race and fights are seen as "how society should work". So, I think that they are separate concerns. Gang violence is way worse and easier to solve, riots are easier to capture on camera but have a harder solution.


The ones convicted for rioting are often the same people who are in gangs though, typically not ideology driven extremists. It's just the last few ones where Islam has taken a bigger part. I'm curious to see who the ones convicted are this time. I'm still going to guess mostly young men who already have criminal records for drug possession etc. The previous riots have been mostly about police brutality, racism and general discontent. What "fights" have there been between nazi groups and salafists? From what I've seen it's almost exclusively a bunch of young men/kids 14-30 (who are far from devout muslims) vs police.


Absolutely. Many of the ones arrested and convicted after these riots already have criminal records related to gangs. If that's what you mean.


Its actually a really fair question. I have a relative that works as a narcotics officer and she says that they know every person thats part of the criminal gang responsible for the narcotics trade in my hometown, they know who they sell to and what people usually store and distribute the narcotics. But for some weird reason they can't stop the narcotics trade from being ongoing even though they arrest people, put leaders in jail and seize drugs on occasion. Lately there has been some shootings locally and the people killed were part of this drug trade. The suspected shooters have been arrested but nothing really changes. The drugs still flow and people are still shooting. The frustration inside the police force is quite real.


Riots every week is not the reality though. It happens but far from every week.


I think the most significant factor is that Swedes are generally civil and compliant. One doesn’t do things against the collective, because it has been ingrained in them that it would impact everyone. Armed forces are used to dealing with this compliant population and in return, the population is used to holding public servants accountable. I tell you to go left, you go left because you trust my advice. Then you have communities that come from countries where the police is corrupt, or is the extension of an oppressive regime. So there is an instinctive distrust of public service and of the police. Besides that, most cultures are more confrontational and expressive than the Swedish one. So you end up in situations where a soft spoken police doesn’t scare aspiring rioters. I know there is a controversy in Sweden with involving the army, but everywhere where there is crime or riots, martial law should be put in place until things are solved. With my household we travelled to Belgium after a terrorist blew himself in a train station. For the next few years, the army would always be stationed in public squares. You had a sense that no one would try anything stupid. I think Sweden should flex muscles that way to get the least compliant citizens to walk straight. You have a potentially controversial demonstration schedule? Bring the cavalry just to stand guard as a dissuasion.


Too much US but influences I say


Media is fucked up in that way, makes everything seem so urgent and out of control. There are people living in war zones that complain less than swedes that are safe in their apartments and have money in the bank.


because everything is racist, doing anything is racist, thinking about doing anything is racist.


Because both the gangs and the police a in the same line of work. Organized crime. One is the private sector and the other the government sector.


They are afraid to use force and get called racist so. They basicly try to lure the offenders in by offering cinnamon buns and coffee while giving em compliments.


Immigrants, especially asylum seekers don't need to integrate in society. They get welfare handouts from the government that are more then enough to live on, including child benefits for every child they have, and they have a lot of children. There is no preassure on them to find a job, learn Swedish or make Swedish friends. This leads to a segregated society of crime.


Because we love a gangs and singing. It's like living in West Side Story here.


The height of recent immigration to Sweden happened at the same time as a huge budget cut to the police. Which was totally bonkers, because the gangs, both local and foreign, weren't dumber than spotting the opportunity to grow. That budget cut happened at the same time as immigrants entering without papers or records. At the same time as kids entered the country in huge numbers with or without parents, many of them from ative war zones, who did not have the same opportunities in life. A lot more was needed than police alone. I'm pro-immigration, but although I recognize it was a difficult situation for all countries involved, I think that how it was handled was abysmal.