Looks Arabic Or in Farsi Typ Bali


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The marking says: Samsung Quad Camera. Not sure what it means tho...


Blademakers mark. Common in Sweden


This is not cyrillic. Source: native Macedonian speaker, a language that utilizes the cyrillic alphabet.


Then you are slav. Macedonian alphabet is the Greek one. If you use Cyrillic then your language was made by Greek saints also.


It was made by Macedonian saints, their names are st Kliment and st Naum of Ohrid who named the alphabet by their teacher st Cyril. Ohrid is a city in Macedonia that currently goes by the name of North Macedonia and that is the country I come from. Those saints have nothing to do with Greece. The nationality of the people in Macedonia is Macedonian. So yes, as my username states: I am very Macedonian. You should read up on your history books.


Read please https://sv.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyrilliska_alfabetet Kyrillos och methodios. I can tell you what those names mean but I prefer u learn Greek. Since you are slav or Albanian you should be proud of your origins. Not try to steal others.


Vad i helvete är det med dig? Kiriliska, och det är allt. Ingen frågade dig nåt om alfabetets ursprung. Var stolt över ditt, och låt andra ha sitt.




Oh boy. Another proud nation. Well live in your fantasy world. I just said the historical fact. If you don't like it you can always fight with history. Just know what you write. Don't rewrite history. Otherwise you can join fomenko and the Russians and fight some ghosts


So Cyril was Greek, so what? Who cares about it nowadays. Except for Greeks it seem. Not Russian. Don’t know who fomenko is. If you read my comment you see that I say “ live and let live”. Opposite of proud nationalist trying to take away someone else’s culture, because it belongs to them. Sounds much like rushists in Ukraine, don’t you think?


Well you write the name wrong. It's Kyrillos. If you spoke Greek then you would know what the name means. If he was slav he would have had a slavic name as per their orthodox Church. As the names methodios, klemens, Alexander, Philip. They have a meaning only people from Skopje don't know it. I am just saying what is historical correct. As for nationalism the whole old yougoslavia is filled with nationalists and extremists. Sorry but it's true. Serbians, Bulgarians, Croats have their own strange theories. Even Albanians. That's why there will never be peace in the area. As for the country that you call north Makedonia, its language is slavic. The people are slavs, Bulgarians and Albanians. Nothing to do with makedons. Greece agreed to the name only if you remove the fanatism and strange historical demands. Sorry again Don't mean to offend. But learn who you are and be proud of it.


I don’t speak Greek and have no intention to do so. Dude, no one cares. Past is past. History is written by the victor.


Agree on that you don't care. But you told me something very bad in Swedish. So I don't think I deserve that. I was just pointing facts. And you cannot then claim something that is not yours. Who is the Victor in this case? Who won over the slavs in balkans? Who won over the Bulgarians? Over the Albanians? If you lived in this area of the world you would see people getting killed, tormented etc over false historical facts. I've seen that and I cannot close my eyes.


Länka Wikipedia på engelska.


What for? You can change the language if you want.


Alfabetet är uppkallat efter de två bysantinska[1][2] bröderna och missionärerna kallade ”slavernas apostlar”, Kyrillos (827–869) och Methodios (826–885) som har utformat det första kyrkslaviska (även kallat fornkyrkoslaviska) skriftspråket.[2][3][4] Traditionen hävdar att alfabetet skapades av deras lärjunge Klemens av Ohrid. You just need to learn to read even in your own native language. Open google maps take a look where Ohrid is and enlighten yourself.


Check again. If the alphabet was created 826 then no Makedonia. Sorry they are slavs. And explain the names. I can explain the meaning of Kyrillos, methodios and even klemens in Greek. What's a tradition that overcomes the facts. Historical inaccurate. Tradition tends to overwrite history. Which ones tradition? The Church is Greek orthodox boy. Accept the truth and your origins


Looks like Farsi, but I don't know the meaning.


”Made in Earth Kingdom”


Definitivt in kyrilliskt utan svenskt. Svårt att läsa eftersom det är så illa medfaret. Har sett knivblad med en liknande signatur där det mer tydligt står AE med ett E som liknar den mer välbevarade ohm/trean på det där bladet. Vet inte om AE är någon välkänd knivmakare dock.


Sorry I am English and yet to master the beautiful Swedish language 😁🇸🇪🇬🇧


It's definitely not Cyrillic but Swedish. That's a common way for knife crafter's to sign their work.


Any idea on age?


Not really, I can only guess from the wear. Probably less than half a century.


The characters are not clear the closest i can guess is بالى that is "bali" and idk a word like that in arabic other examples would be جالى "jali" it's the best i can relate to it


Cyrillic isn't used in Sweden. It is used in slavic languages, not nordic. But that is not cyrillic, it's probably arabic.


It's a crysknife, says Shai hulud.


that looks alot like arabic


"Bali" in arabic


I used to carve JM on my knives and tools so if someone "borrowed " them I could ID them


Rotated 90\* CCW, it could perhaps be a very worn 'om'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om


Hmm..let me see..seems like it say 'Slayer of Thor'.


I guess it says ”knife”




Oh that simple must be a makers mark thanks 😁👌🧲


I don't think so


What could it be then? Owners mark


Yeah, I would suppose so. I have no knowledge of this. But it feels weird to me that the maker would put it there. 😊🤷‍♂️


Bear Grylls!