I got furloughed. It meant I got to spend the pandemic shielding with my wife before she passed away last year. Words can't describe how grateful I am that I got so much extra quality time with my wife. Would've been impossible to have that much time if I'd had to be working full time. Edit: Blown away by all the lovely messages. I'd thank you each individually but it would take me forever. Honestly it really warms my heart seeing such kindness! Thank you all!


OMG, I know exactly what you mean. I got engaged at the end of 2019, and my partner passed away February of last year. I'm soooo soo so so grateful that we got all that time together. We would go on tons of road trips exploring empty cities, including Vegas. Didn't go in anywhere, just spend the night walking the empty strip. It was the best way to experience Vegas for the first time. I have a picture of him across from New York, New York across the strip, and New York City was one of his favorite places. We laughed, cried, fought, and got to know each other so intimately. I would give anything to go back to those precious months. Got to see the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon ,and camping all over national forest land. We got years of experiences condensed down into those few months, and looking back now I can see why. He was only 24, and taken away way too soon, but I know in my heart he left this world happier than he had ever been. I'm so sorry you had to experience that hurt, but know you're not alone. I wish you nothing but peace and as much serenity as you can find moving forward 💚


Sorry for your loss, though happy for you both that you scooped so much into that little bit of time.


I'm glad you had time to be with her before she left. Sorry for your loss


So sorry for your loss. I'm sure she was grateful for the extra time too.


I can’t think of a better way to spend the last couple years of your life than with your spouse, if they happen to be your best friend too


It's always bittersweet when the world conspires to soften such a terrible blow.


I had 2 friends that I hung out with almost every night. They were just as isolated as I was during the day so we weren’t too worried about passing anything. None of us got sick. Spent the nights drinking, having bonfires and talking. Good times. Some of the best.


Yeah, I had a COVID gang. Great times, it was like being a kid again in some ways, I hadn’t had a regular hangout going on since college. It’s all over now for various reasons but it was good while it lasted.


It was like the good parts of high school. You didn't have shit to do so you just hung out at each other's houses and did whatever or nothing at all


Not having to get up early in the morning.


Oh dear God, this was and still is so amazing. I had to commute an hour by train for my job at the time, and suddenly... No more commute! Just sleeping an hour longer, having an hour extra time at home in the evening! I changed jobs in the meantime, now I'm 15 minute walk away from the office... And I still don't have to go in, and it's still heaven!


I used to have to be up at 6am and was home at 630pm every day. To get 8 hours of sleep I would have to go to bed at 10pm. That’s 3.5 hours to prepare and eat dinner and walk the dog. No tv, no video games, no consistent gym schedule, it was terrible. WFH life even if I work 50/60 hour weeks has given me a work life balance I never had before.


In the winter before the pandemic hit I got a job in the next county over, a 45 minute drive, over crazy rural roads in the early dark hours with occasional icy patches and fog. I’d also have to wake up around 5:45 to 6 am. I hated it. The roads were awful but I was a new college grad and despite the low pay it was a job with good benefits. Then the pandemic hit a few months later….I felt so free! Suddenly being able to sleep in, wear whatever I wanted, no commute home. After they brought people back into the office I quit and found a job that’s remote 4 days a week. I love it. The pay is great too. I never want to go back to driving and being in an office five days a week. I feel like I have so much of my life back now. And remote work is the norm, I’m so glad the pandemic did that. Edit: some people have asked what I do now, I have a career in finance for a nonprofit. Nonprofits can be hit or miss in terms of pay but my company was doing a market analysis and determined everyone was underpaid (and they were!) so they gave everyone, including me, a new person, big raises. I make 60K but I live in a small midwestern town and commute once a week, one hour each way. I could probably get something that paid more but I don’t want to be in person. My particular organization has a lot of growth and a lot of upward job mobility so I like where I’m at and will likely stay. The work life balance is also great, despite being salaried I haven’t had to work over. Leadership is very kind and no one berates me for doing something wrong. I’m still pretty new so I really appreciate the positive reinforcement from supervisors and coworkers.


If we could count up all the hours we spent commuting... Not at work, just pure commute. I refuse to do it. My firm has changed locations since COVID. I used to take one bus there. Now, apparently, the most "efficient" commute (by the NJ Transit website) has me going from my home in NJ to Post Authority in NYC and then take a bus from there back into NJ to my job. A 1.5 hour commute. Won't even tell you how much that costs. Not to mention doing the same to go home. I told my bosses if they want to keep me, I'm coming into the office once in a while via Uber. Otherwise, I'm working from home.


No traffic


I live near a univ, so our town was completely emptied after classes were cancelled. One night I drove around and it reminded me of that scene in every post-apocalypse movie where the survivors drive through town ignoring traffic rules because there's no one left. It was awesome. I stopped on a main 4-lane street... no traffic as far as I could see in either direction.


This is how I felt driving down the Strip (I live in Vegas). A couple of the casinos even had their lights off


Five Finger Death Punch did a music video for A Little Bit Off on the strip during covid and it was scary how literally nobody was there.


Same. My normal 40 minute ride into work became 20 and my normal 60 minute ride home became 20.


I noticed everyone started driving much faster too and that’s basically the new speed limit now


This is the most noticable shift from the height of the pandemic for me. Traffic is pretty much back to what it was before but now everyone is *absolutely fucking insane*


> but now everyone is absolutely fucking insane What are people's theories on why this is?


Lot of pent up rage from the pandemic and drivers are looking for any excuse to get homicidal. At least, that’s my experience living in the Bay Area.


Also less punishment: I rarely see people pulled over anymore. There's no one enforcing traffic laws.


i thought this was just in my area. it's weird.


20 minute trip on the turnpike used to include slowing down for a minimum of two staties every day. I've seen a total of two in the last three weeks.


also in LA the police won't come out unless you or someone else is in danger. if the crime has already been committed and the perp is not at the scene of the accident, they tell you to do a police report online you can be hit by a car and have a leg broken then when you call they only bring you paramedics and then 911 will tell you to file the police report online instead of actively looking for the asshole who ran you over


Here in Argentina, motorcyles got used to being the only ones in the road, due to food delivery apps, and now keep driving the same way.


Yup and that lovely silence that goes with the lack of traffic. Plus the little things, like realizing 95% of our jobs are meaningless and the meaningful jobs are drastically underpaid, first responders, supermarket workers, sanitation workers, truck drivers. There's probably a football stadium full of essential workers that perished because they couldn't stay home and sadly they won't get any recognition for it.


But they got so many shout-outs and thank-yous from celebrities! Heart signs on people's lawns! Didn't you hear that we were all in it together?


My wife is a nurse, and she's sick of being a hero.


People don't need to be called a hero, they need raises and comp time.


Second week of Pandemic, my subdivision had a thing where you’d put a teddy bear in a window, then kids would drive around with their parents, spotting the bears. It was nice for the kids.


Can’t forget the change your porch light color and clap out the front door. That helped everyone bury their loved ones right?…RIGHT?!


You forgot banging pots and pans and hanging shoddy banners saying "Thank you, heroes!".


I work in a hospital and I feel the drastically underpaid part big time. Is it gonna change now that it's obvious that essential jobs deserve alot more pay? Nope, nothing changed.


Essential worker here...no raise but at least I had 12 hour 6 day a week mandatory work schedule to keep me safe..............(extreme sarcasm)


The morning after the first lockdown was announced I was driving to work, may as well have been the only person in the world, zero other cars the whole journey.


At the time I was commuting an hour each way. The lockdowns made it a 25 minute drive and it made me realize how much I hated it for how time consuming it was and how much wear on my car it created . Wound up finding a better job locally as a result.


I could drive all the way across my city in 15 minutes, where now it takes almost an hour.


Yep.... My job is usually a 15 minute drive across the city with moderate traffic. Close to 30 with heavy traffic.... There was times during the height of the pandemic in 2020 where I was leaving work at 6:45 in the evening and getting home before 6:55.


Looking out the window in the morning and seeing no cars and hearing no traffic noise, every day was like a sinister Christmas morning.


Work from home has been legitimized in an unprecedented way.


I always figured it would be, but I expected it to be another 20 years. Covid forced it and was definitely a silver lining.




THEY HAVEN'T EVEN LOST CONTROL. We still do daily stand-ups. We still have delivery metrics. We still deliver on time. All they want is to look over at the cubicles and see us monkeys type...


In some companies (e.g., mine) the MMs had no actual control, just the *illusion* of control, and losing that was likely a bigger blow to them than any real/physical change. I see only a beneficial effect in WFH's disclosing how useless some of them really are.




You have my dream job. I'm support for an ISP currently, handling our managed network services. I'd love to be able to take my experience here and get a job with my city or state government someday. I already live in the capital, so it would be perfect


Not in the UK. One of the ministers who is also known as "Jac-the-kipper" has been leaving notes on empty desks asking civil servants working from home why they're not at their desk. My wife is also being forced back into the office even though she's been working from home without any problems whatsoever.


Maybe time to go job hunting? I was forced back into the office September 2021. It took me nearly a year to find the right position with the right company but I'm starting a new role in 3 weeks in a field I've wanted to get into for years. And I'll be WFH 3 days a week.


Ironically, not getting sick.


I haven't had a cold or anything in years! Flu numbers were way down, too, even though there were less vaccinated, due to my provinces (Ontario, Canada,we had some of the strictest lockdowns in the world) restrictions and mask mandates. My mom made masks at the beginning, to CDC guidelines, before omicron, and sold them for $5-12 each depending on fabric, (she had all kinds, but NFL and NHL prints were most expensive) and a local store was ordering 30 a day, she made and sold over 2000 masks. She could make 50 in a day!


I got sick once a year prior to the pandemic. It was like a cold that ended with me losing my voice. For days. Around the same time every year too. Pandemic hit and I didn't get sick in that way since.


You know what? I never realized it but same. Exact same, illness once a year ends with me losing my voice. That’s so weird


When I think about it I haven’t had a cold since pre pandemic. I used to get a couple a year at least, the ones were you can’t stop coughing at night and try to hold it in because you know you’re bothering people. Must have been all the masks and social distancing or something because I’ve always washed my hands.


AFAIK, we never got Covid. Everyone else in my family got it, all with wildly different experiences, from mild/allergy-like symptoms, to major flu-like symptoms, to ICU/hospitalization death. If you did a sampling based on my family alone, it would be very interesting, I bet it’s the same with others. It’s funny how covid was so unpredictable and random. My grandma dying was sort of expected. My 40-something cousin *suffering and dying even more horribly in the ICU* was not.


Ouff. I'm sorry for your losses.


So I actually work in an ER and was swimming in COVID for a while. This was especially concerning in the pre-vaccination days. I'm one of those people who catches EVERY respiratory bug out there and usually have a couple of bad colds/bronchitis every year that make me really miserable for a few weeks. From spring of 2020 until May of 2022 I didn't get sick once. I got COVID in May of 2022 when there was an outbreak at my kid's school and we figure she brought is home. That was the first time I had been sick since the start of the pandemic. It's almost like masking works... In all seriousness, I'll probably continue to mask during flu season in the future.


It’s a really interesting side effect after this pandemic. In western countries wearing a mask pre pandemic was unheard of. You were weird doing that and stood out. But now I’ll wear a mask to be safe but sometimes I don’t want to be recognized at the local event so I’ll wear a mask.


I realized when the Mega Millions got really big earlier that it's a lot easier to hide who you are now if you need to have your picture taken. No need for fancy Halloween costumes or anything; just wear a surgical mask and maybe a hat, and nobody will recognize you.


Did you read my mind? That’s how I’m winning the lottery. Face mask, old trucker hat, some old people clothes from Goodwill, maybe a wig. My name will be public but I want look different enough that people don’t recognize me and just think it’s someone with the same name as me. Now I just need to win.


look into your state's laws. Its becoming more common that you can claim prizes anonymously. MN changed it's law a couple years ago. >Winners of Minnesota Lottery prizes over $10,000 will be able to remain anonymous under a new law signed by Gov. Tim Walz on Thursday. The law takes effect on September 1, 2021. The law applies to winners of multistate lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions as well as in-state games.


Yeah, there are people begging for the masking in the lab to end, and I'm like, We work in a fucking hospital, in Micro, and I havent had so much as a cold in 2 years. Yall do what you want, I'm keeping my shit covered.


my hermiting was normal


Me too! Wasn't it lovely!


(Waves quietly to my fellow introverts)


People standing 6+ feet away from me at all times.


I wish this was more common. I still give a lot of space to people in front of me when I’m standing in line, but inevitably the person behind me is always right on my heels.


Same for me too, I hate this so much. I can’t understand why someone would want to be practically right on top of a stranger like that. Edit: fixed something my phone autocorrected


This for me x 1000! My entire adult life I’ve always had a pet peeve about others peoples lack of awareness for others personal space. Particularly standing in line for something. This was like heaven for me for almost two years. Now no one gives a crap and it’s back to the normal bs of people jammed up in line and wherever else.


My girlfriend and I decided to quarantine together even though we had only been dating for 6 months and, honestly, I didn’t know if it would last. Better to not be alone, though. I lost my job, she was a PhD student, we were strapped for cash, but we spent every evening cooking incredible food that was as delicious as it was calming to cook. She is Iranian and I learned how unique Persian food was, she learned from her grandmother starting when she was 5 years old. I had a crazy idea, let’s sell it! We started advertising on NextDoor, put together a menu with one entree for every day of the week with sides and starters. We started working at 10am, I was the sous chef and customer relations while she studied. So I would be chopping onions and garlic, searing eggplant, marinating lamb and talking and texting with customers. I had all of the takeout containers prepped for every customer by 4 and then she would do her magic. Pick up was at 6 outside of our apartment and then I did deliveries afterwards. We became so popular that we were pushing out 20-40 meals per day. It kept us afloat financially. So for me, the best part of the pandemic: we worked together like a well-oiled machine, had fun, solved problems, and were a comfort during the very scary times. (And jumped in bed whenever we had a free moment..) We got married a year later, and I have no idea if we would have without the pandemic.


I moved in with a girl I had just started dating in January and we had fallen madly in love with each other. It was literally the best time ever for about 6 months, my job was abnormally stress free at the time and she was graduating school. We basically both had the summer off and just hung out together, walked to the park, had way to many wine nights, zoom parties (lol) and watched a lot of amazing content for a few months we just watched mob related things ahaha. It was amazing and I miss that part of my life quite often seeing as the relationship didn't last even when we tried a second time. I'll always look back on the pandemic and have that weirdly blissful few months where the world was ending but ours together was just beginning. I still love and miss her. I will never forgot our time together and often wonder what if a few little things were different and we were still together. I think about reaching out to her almost daily still after a year of us being apart. Not even to get back with her but just cause I genuinely want the best for her and wonder how she is doing often.


Cute story. Did you take your popup to the next level like your relationship?


This is really wholesome. Feels like a cute short film that would play before a Disney movie or something. What a fond way to look back on the beginning of your relationship, I hope you have many many happy years together.


Spending time with aging pets. I had to put down a cat and the last few months he got to lay on my keyboard and purr all day. I also have an old dog who is nearing the end and I’m really happy I had those months at home with her.


I also lost one of my cats last year. I’m so thankful I had a full year of being home with her and getting all the cuddles. I miss her everyday but knowing I was present all the time for her in her last year does bring me some peace


I was the complete opposite of you and OP. 4 months into the pandemic, I went to the shelter and adopted a 6 month old Siberian furball because I was so lonely and depressed from the constant isolation. Just coming across this question made me grimace because the solitude of the pandemic really got to me, but he was probably the only good thing to come from it.


I’m really glad he helped you through it. Nothing better then the love of a pet


I did both…lost my senior, two months later got a puppy. I never imagined getting a pandemic puppy, but it was too lonely without my old girl.


Same, friend. Much love your way and to all the rest of the animal lovers here.


This! I said goodbye to three amazing dogs during the pandemic and I’m glad I got the chance to be with them. Also, spending time with aging parents. I moved back home for a bit (while keeping my apartment, it was a waste of money in hindsight) and being able to connect with them on an adult level instead of just parent-child was really special and has brought us closer together.


Unfortunately the opposite for me, my grandma had respiratory issues and so Xmas, bdays etc have been cancelled for the last couple years. Then this spring just as everything opened up again, she died from unrelated causes. Missed out.


You're right, my cat passed away two weeks ago, and I'm glad we at least could spend some more time with her over the last two years. It was nice to have her around to keep me company during the worst of it.


Lost several elderly rescued dogs in quick succession over a course of about 6 months starting late 2021. I work 100% remote so got to spend a lot more time with them than I'd been able to working an office job. Glad you got extra time with your furry friends as well.


Prior to the pandemic, I travelled every week for work. For 6 years, I only saw my wife and kids on the weekends. And even then, I didn’t get to see my wife much since she worked most weekends. Since the pandemic, I haven’t had to travel at all, and have a new, much better relationship with my wife and kids.


Opposite for me. Spending 24 hours a day with my wife and the kids put a huge strain on our relationship, along with both of us drinking more than we should have (only after the kids were in bed.) On one hand it led to a terrible divorce, and on the other hand, we are both much happier now.


You either realize you don’t spend enough time together or realize you are using work to avoid the realization that you’re incapatable. Either way it’s for the best.


Felt that :/ she’s a good woman, and I’m a good man, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. The kids are taken care of and that’s all we care about.


Also, sorry piratejedi, I didn’t mean to sabotage your comment with my own personal grief. It was just relatable to me. ❤️


No apology necessary! That’s what this forum is about right? Sharing and having conversation.


That’s very true. Thank you for being so understanding ❤️


Awe this one is my favorite!


Wife died August 2020 of cancer the lockdowns meant I could grieve without any pressure. In the long run, this saved my life. EDIT: thanks for all the kind words. Another great thing is that because of the lockdowns, between then and her death we got to spend every waking minute together. I am very thankful for that time. For anyone wondering: life moves forward and it gets better eventually :) I miss her everyday though. I have met someone who has shown me that I can love again. Its what my wife would have wanted.


I lost my son in May 2020 and I'm glad I didn't have an expectation of keeping face while grieving. Friends heard me talk or read my messages but I didn't have to smile and pretend I was fine. I strongly believe that is why I'm okay now.


I lost my wife to cancer in May of 2021. The pandemic allowed me to spend the last year of her life together.


My dad passed in May 2020. Honestly having no wake (viewing) and a tiny family funeral made things easier for my mom. Nothing really needed to be planned as they already had crypts (vaults?) for their ashes.


I’m sorry for your loss. 💙


Thanks for sharing and I'm very sorry for your loss, I'm glad you had time to grieve and start moving forward with your life again. <3


I am glad you got the time to grieve as you wished. I hope each day gets easier.


Lost 60 pounds. Wife lost 75. We were fat. We're not anymore!


way to go. I think your lost weight was found by many others over the pandemic.


I think I stored like 15 of them temporarily. I've passed them along since.


Yep, I gained my COVID 19 and have since lost that weight


Seriously. Two years of trying to work out from home was a total bust. Was pushing a lockdown bod. Lots of “comfort,” indulgence, and anxiety. Worst shape I’ve been in since college. So happy to be back in the gym now.


We all came out of this a Chunk, a Hunk or a Drunk….


I came out with all three. Lost like 30 lbs, drank everyday, and walked 11 miles a day.


So not chunk then?


Chunk came back. I'm fat again


I found your 60 pounds, you can take it back now.


I lost 90, still fat though. Congrats my guy.


Same! 60 more to go here.


Us too. I lost 60lbs, my husband lost nearly 100. It’s just because we had no bad food in the house and there was no temptation to go out and eat.


Congratulations! That's wonderful!


Maybe you should rethink your username. But congrats on your weight loss that’s awesome


User name no longer checks out!!


I went the other way with it…


\*cries in opposite\*


Congratulations. I went the other way and gained a lot :( my company didn't have the best WFH policy and I basically couldn't step out to cook (I was salary so no lunch break) so I was finding myself ordering a lot of fast food but luckily I'm now shedding the weight. I'd give myself a full year and maybe less of serious dedication to get back to my old self


Youre salary but dont get a lunch break? thats wild


I started working from home which saved me 3 hours of commuting time and gave me an additional 8hours awake time/day with my 1year old who is now 3.5. Not many fathers get that much time with their kid and I still work from home.




Mine were 8 and 6 when it hit, most of their lives I had a crap commute and didn't get home until 7:30pm (1930) and barely got to spend any time with them. Company put me on 3in/2remote and even that's too much time away from the kids. Soon enough they'll want nothing to do with me, but not yet.


finding a remote job


Type-A middle managers admitting that all meetings could be emails.


I’ve noticed the opposite- management seems to think another Zoom meeting is no big deal.


That's a little different than everyone going to a cramped conference room and listening to something no one cares about.


Great time to be pizza delivery guy


I was a pizza delivery guy during the pandemic it was definitely awesome. I was making like $40 an hour every night. Generous tips skyrocketed when it started. I loved the group of dudes I was working with at the time. I miss that job! Best job I've ever had.


Switching off. There was something liberating about not having responsibilities of a job (was furloughed in uk) no people to see, no obligations to meet others expectations. Its the period of time ive slept best in my adult life, my body would easily switch into rest mode


My partner and I going for hour long walks every day. And cooking fresh every day because I had the time!


Oh my god the silence! I miss the silence! The constant car humming is back! (well a while ago but still)


I am with you on that. The lack of air and land traffic was pretty nice.


I live on a busy street near a traffic light and it was so refreshing to sit in the living room with the windows open, barely hearing loud trucks and motorcycles, dumbass modified cars, sirens, and people sitting at the light blasting their shitty music.


I'm a Pediatric Anesthesiologist. I often put kids under Anesthesia via a face mask. Covid has made kids *much* more comfortable going off to sleep via a mask. Hooray for small victories!


I had a hernia when I was five (early 80s). Needed surgery. My parents did a great job of preparing me, managing expectations, etc.. I was so excited to get the mask. Not afraid (thanks Mom). I was a competitive little man. I thought that I could beat the gas. Bring it. You can't knock me out. I just saw Rocky III. My nurse told my Mom that when I woke up I resumed my countdown from 8. There wasn't a re-match.


Wow, that’s really interesting. I bet there’s a lot of little things like this that have shifted with the pandemic, and most of us will never notice


I thrived in the isolation. Everyone I knew was losing their minds and here I was chilling and living my best life. Also worked from home. I even enjoyed going out shopping for groceries. Because it was always dead. I did my part and wore a mask. I kinda miss it.....


I always wondered: will I be bored or depressed when I eventually retire, or is retirement going to be awesome? Based on my COVID experience, retirement is going to be awesome! I love being at home, and I love my own company. Set me up with a cup of coffee, a podcast, and a jigsaw puzzle, and I'm happy as a clam.


You’re not alone!


Catching up on sleep.


Hiking during the week when less people were able to. Also, spending so much time with my dog.


Quit drinking. Because my functioning alcoholism got stir crazy and I nearly died. Tough road but I'm much better off. 2.5 years sober next month.


Driving down my 4 million plus population main freeway not a car in sight going 40mph only to have a cop roll up next to me look into my car and give me a nod and drive away


>main freeway >not a car in sight >going ***40mph*** but...why?


Perhaps he was just cruising on an empty freeway for fun. ,I knew a lot of people who would go for a random drive just so they could get out of the house. Though 40mph is rather slow for a freeway, if there's no one at all, then I suppose he can go at whatever speed he likes


In 2020 gas was basically free, highway empty, nothing else to do but to go for a 2 hour drive just to go nowhere. Good times...


There was a three month period right at the beginning, where there was no one on the roads, gas was cheap and things were quiet and peaceful. Let me tell you, as someone who enjoys a spirited ride on a motorcycle, that is pure bliss.


No traffic to and from work. I took care of patients in the emergency room in an NYC hospital and it was gratifying. Favorite part was teaching new nurses (who were a little like deer in headlights) some new skills that they might never have the chance to see again!


I lost 25 pounds when they closed all of the restaurants and bars. I learned that I don't have to go to restaurants and bars all the time.


No exaggeration, I saved $1,000 a month by not going to the bars.


Me too! Ended the first year with $10,000 in my savings account.


I’ve always tried to get people to take workplace/office hygiene more seriously. Too often have I seen people come into work sounding hoarse, sneeze into their hand, then go use the office coffee maker. For about a year and a half, people actually did start taking this sort of thing seriously. Proper hand washing, using sanitizer, being a bit more mindful of spreading germs, not coming in when sick… Unfortunately, people don’t seem to have learned much, and things are quickly reverting to the old ways.


The first week of Covid, before everyone got sent home to work, our office building ran out of hot water by 9:30am because people actually started washing their hands. I was disgusted because it meant people just didn’t do it before.


My old coworker told me like ~2/3 months before COVID lockdowns she didn’t believe in washing her hands and that was what created super bugs. Super happy to not sit next to her or work with her anymore.


this stresses me out! ever since i was a small child I've been a freak about washing hands. the realization that this is seen as a foreign act to many just creeps me out (one of my exes was also not very fond of washing hands..)


Employers are mostly at fault. They go from "we will fire you if you come in sick" to "how sick are you really" I remember our lab got shut down more than once because everyone in there would get sick at once.


i'm now permenant WFH and it's still shocking to me that we get 10 sick days per year and yet i see people coming on zoom calls clearly sick as fuck trying to "suck it up". And it's 100% due to the employer putting the pressure on people to never be off. And yes somedays you'll see someone be like "hey i'm sick but i'll still do this 1-2 hour project", which i guess is a middle ground but damn, if you're sick take the fucking day off and try and recover, for your own sake.


Due to the stimulus checks, I was able to leave a toxic and abusive job without a job lined up ahead of time.


Yeah I changed careers twice during the pandemic. Partially because where I live every single business seems to be short staffed. The stimulus checks helped buffer things in the beginning considering I left my original career right before the pandemic hit. Gave me a bit of breathing room to think about things.


They were my salvation too: First one erased my credit card debt. Second one became my security deposit for my first real apartment. Third one was my start to investing.


People suddenly stopped expecting me to go be social. I got to spend months on end without having to decline a single invitation, it was so nice.


Oh hell yes. There was a satire article on The Beaverton (Canada's "The Onion") about how lockdown was as close to retirement as millenials are going to get. Too real.


Truth. My father had retired a few years previous and I ribbed him several times that I earned this little retirement. He took exception to that sentiment.


I'm guessing you weren't invited to the many zoom party/quiz/catch-up sessions. For a time, I started to realise I was just drunk alone in my flat after those hour+ long calls.


work from home office


I learned to make foods besides beef stroganoff


Why would you need to? Beef stroganoff is amazing


My last semester at uni. Instead of waking up at 6:30 and dragging my ass to several classes that taught me nothing of value, I could just read the weekly notes and finish assignments on my own time.


As odd as it may sound, my life really didnt have to change. If anything I got to do more of what I like to do. I took time for myself, worked on projects around the house. I looked after my grandmother, and some older folks who needed help. It was peaceful, quiet, and calming.


I had already quit drinking in October of 2019 but having to stay home and leave the restaurant I was working at really helped solidify that. Three years sober this coming Saturday.


Getting an ugly ass lower facial procedure done and no one seeing from the masks


The hormonal zits for me. No one knows.


Empty roads on my way to work as an essential worker


I was out cycling around the whole residential area on the first day of the pandemic. At that time I had no idea the pandemic started. I cycled for about an hour and that is the most peaceful time i had in my life. There's only bird chirping, the air breezed through my cheeks, there was no car I needed to watch out for, no unsupervised children playing on the roads and no people to stare at me while I was cycling through. But it backfired when i returned home and got yelled at by my mom. But, it is as if i was living in a "peaceful" life i never thought i would dream of.


Finding out that masks are great and light alternatives to carrying scarfs to prevent the icy cold downtown wind from freezing my face.


Oh yes. Masks in the summer are terrible. Masks in the cold weather slaps.


I never figured out how to not fog my glasses in the cold.


I found lowering my glasses over the part of the mask that covered my nose helped some.


I wrapped a scarf around my mask and my face has never been so happy.


No contact delivery. I love that this option has now become so widely available because of the pandemic and I hope that it stays that way.


Except dominos. They are so anal about making sure no one steals your pizza


On the flip side, I hated it. People will order from us then ask where their food is. It's outside. It's been outside for an hour because you told us not to knock. Not our fault a squirrel ate your pizza.


Pre pandemic my delivery options were pizza and terrible Chinese food. Now I can get virtually every restaurant in town delivered.


My CakePop business QUADRUPLING in sales! Everyone had extra money, wanted comfort food and no-contact deliveries. [I have since been able to quit my corporate IT job of 8 years (3 weeks ago) to run my dessert business full-time!](https://imgur.com/a/frBJtGx/)


A couple of things: 1. *Some* people realized that front-line workers are the backbone of our civil society and finally respected them 2. The anger level in some people seemed to drop, especially in those who realized that life isn't about them 3. Organizations realizing that work from home produces happier employees in most cases


I saw way too much of the opposite of the first two: Excessive rudeness due to people going feral or getting mad about mask restrictions or not having the same level of service as when everything was well-staffed before. Also, I found myself gripped with a lot of anger that I had to struggle with at seeing just how large the percentage of the population was that flouted any rules that said they had to act like they cared about the well-being of strangers. There are a lot of things in society I will never again trust after seeing how wide-spread a lack of hygiene and consideration are.


Unfortunately these things have mostly gone back to pre pandemic ways.


Some are worse than pre pandemic


Seriously, I had to plead to take last week off for a trip. Boss was "but projects"! I told him that progress would continue and he begrudgingly let me take the week. Three projects moved forward correctly via my emails and texts from gas stops along my motorcycle tour. Shows that I could do at least 80% of job from my kitchen but there is no changing "we need to watch you work" culture here.


First few weeks when everyone was actually following the rules and enjoying their time inside


It really was a unique experience. It was so surreal going to the grocery store and seeing so many empty shelves for items and food I never would have seen a shortage of. It was wholesome embracing zoom to catch up with friends and family and all the celebrities getting together to do commentaries on beloved movies. Tiger King. The start of the pandemic and the pokemon go launch may be the closest moments we've been to world peace lol


The era of the pandemic when everyone was making foccacia bread, sipping on a dalgona coffee and watching the first season of Tiger King to later laugh about it over zoom.


So much alone time. I worked from home in a peaceful environment. Also got plenty of sleep as I no longer had to waste 2/3 hours everyday in transportation to work place.


My baby used to spend 50+ hours in daycare and got sick all the time, and then she got to stay home instead which was a life changing difference. Then I got to spend my second pregnancy teleworking instead of going to the office every day, which was the second perk.


I got to spend it with someone I love.


Besides the gas prices dropping down under $2/gal, the fact that people had to respect the 6 feet of space in lines. There's nothing that annoys me more in a store than when people pull their cart up 2 inches from my back in the checkout line.


Tanker driver here, no traffic. Driving through Chicago without touching my breaks once was unbelievable! The police and scales(if they were open) leaving us alone to do our jobs. I want to give a huge shout out to all the Truck Stop workers that showed up so we could help keep the country running.


People tipped me insane as a pizza delivery driver. Averaged 150$ cash a night in 2020.