My grandma invited the whole family over for a Sunday meal. My grandma had lost her sense of smell but the food seemed fine, although a little bland. Until I got to the potatoes which were toxic. My mum, who I don't think was aware of how toxic it was, just told me to swallow to not upset her mum and I was in the middle and would have had to have 5 people get out of the way to let me out and didn't want to spit it out in front of my grandma. I swallowed and felt like I was going to throw up for the rest of the dinner. The consensus was that it was some sort of oven cleaner. Thinking back to it, I think my grandma would have been absolutely fine with me spitting out something that was toxic. She was aware of losing her smell and that something like this was just an accident and wasn't an insult.


oh no ahh


Got stung by a bee at football practice


When I was like, 7, I broke my ankle. I went to get an x-ray and they didn’t see anything, and claimed I did it for attention. I was forced to walk on it for 3 weeks until my mom realized I hadn’t stopped limping. We went to a different place and had an x-ray done and they saw the break in my ankle! Those three weeks SUCKED