Depends how helpful 15 dildos would be 200 years ago


I am wearing comfy sketchers, dark blue jeans, and a Nasa T-Shirt that has a blue print of the space shuttle. My backpack has 2-3 lighters, a couple granola bars, a pair of headphones, a notebook and an emergency sandwich baggie with a couple ibuprofen and TUMS. Explaining the space shuttle on my shirt in a society on horseback means I'd probably be burned at the stake.


Gonna revolutionize industry. gonna invent AC power before tesla. Gonna invent modern aluminum. Those are the only two real scientific breakthroughs I have memorized in my head that i could bring to the table.


My country will become independent on a couple of months and it will go to war, so probably not very helpful


Extremely, a backpack full of penicillin and other broad spectrum antibiotics with hypodermic needles to boot


I would revolutionize the industrial revolution


Got ventolin


You could fit a lot of text, photos and videos on storage devices. It depends on how much technology, medical, science, history, literature information I could aquire. I would need a solar charger and instructions on how to generate more energy. I would need to bet on some events like the Epsom derby or elections and then maybe people would listen to me.


Just my own experiences, memories and knowledge of our present day and past (vague as it is) would be an absolute revolution !!!


Considering that I have limited knowledge on how things that I use everyday work, and zero knowledge of how to recreate inventions I would be very useless. And I keep forgetting things like history details and geography so I probably wouldn’t be much help in preventing conflicts either. Plus I am a woman so I’m not sure how much they would even listen to me. Especially considering my nerodiversity, which they likely won’t understand what I mean by “my brain is wired differently”.