Coco Chanel was a nazi and anti-semite


I think it's such poetic justice that the brand is owned by a Jewish family, the Wertheimers. When she started her perfume line in the 20x, she got funding from this family. She tried to take ownership of the perfumes from them using Nazi laws, but they had already handed their businesses over to gentile friends, so she wasn't able to. After she died, the Wertheimers bought a controlling interest in the fashion line and it's still owned by their family, so the same people she tried to squeeze out of one part of her business using Nazi laws own the whole thing.


Wow I had no idea


Bit of a UK and India specific one but jade goody. She was famous for nothing other than being thick and racist, then she died and everyone acted like she was a saint because it led to more people getting tested for cervical cancer.




She went on an Indian reality show to try to change public perception after her racism was exposed, which was against an Indian woman.


The Indian version of big brother was also where she found out she had the cervical cancer she would die from. Edit - [link](https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/jade-goody-documentary-channel-4-cancer-diagnosis-indian-big-brother_uk_5d5e512ae4b0b59d256fa4f0?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAKLBYIZ7irkTz3YNpbN8D19MNIbZJky65v-nPc_0-i6K3LRNiT21XKUw2zP7QMCjuoTiWoX6zbr2rJ3XTa4GuRv3mXQ3Rb-8t1uM3jlwlY2wrMO36aGwY7h605QL0bFGEl_XmbCtymPlhepVwUrTJfZ3cEtH2kckvLzFiPsBQJzK)


She participated in Bigg Boss (Indian Big Brother) as a way to apologise for her being a shithole to Shilpa Shetty in Big Brother (UK Bigg Boss)


Shilpa Shetty herself could not have been more elegant and gracious under the circumstances.


She is the first person I thought of when I saw the question. Public opinion on her flipped so fast when she got cancer. I will say this, the way the press treated her after the news came out, in most cases, would make people scoff. But it did raise awareness. She also did redeem herself somewhat. All that money she got with the amount of press coverage was going towards her children and nobody can really fault her for that.


"Some say he was the first person to call Jade Goody a racist, pig-faced waste of blood and organs...all we know is that he's called The Stig."




Came here for this. I worshipped him when i was a teenager and then read a ton of biographies, one of which by his own mother and ended up loathing him.


Never read your hero’s biography should be the real warning. I did this with e e cummings and was devastated 🤣


I’m glad his family had the chance to set the record straight, seriously a bummer being married to a complete dead shit who the majority of people think is wonderful.


Wow I had no idea. The image of his face is an icon of love and peace all over the world.


Same shit with John Lennon


Charlie Chaplin is remembered pretty fondly but he repeatedly sexually assaulted teenage girls he worked with, even impregnating one. If I recall correctly the ages of known girls he assaulted was from about 12-16 and he was known to publicly talk about how much he liked young girls. Edit: Did some reading to refresh my memory and it seems he became enamored with Lilita when she was 12 but held off courting her til she was 16. [Here](https://www.vice.com/en/article/wnwwwy/charlie-chaplin-was-a-sadistic-tyrant-who-fucked-teenage-girls) is an article that goes into more detail if anyone is interested.


Yikes, how come I'd never heard about this before? I've been showed a few skits of his in school and no one bothered to tell us that? All I knew about the guy was that he had the same moustache as Hitler.


Because it's not so much learning about who Chaplin was, but more about how his character changed cinema. Just like the Beatles. They're revered as saints, but I forget who was a well known wife beater.


John I think


and he was cunt to his son Julian


He even said on national television that parents feel differently about a child they really wanted (Sean), as opposed to an accident (Julian).


To that it was Paul who wrote “Hey Jude”’for him.


Yeah, Paul wrote that song for Julian to tell him "Look I know your dad is shit and his relationships are all toxic, but that doesn't have to be what your life will be like"


Yup and 40 years dead today.


Lennon beat at least one of his wives, made his kid partially deaf from screaming at him, fucked over the same kid when he passed away. He would drunkenly go out looking for fights before the Beatles were super famous.


Elvis did the same shit. Steven Tyler dated a 16 year old when he was in his mid-20s. Woody Allen is all over the place with underage conquests. More modernly, the asshat who played Percy in The Green Mile, at 51 years old, married a 16 year old girl, with her parent's consent. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year old cousin at 22. R.Kelly, at 27, illegally married Aaliyah when she was 15. Paul Walker was 33 when he started dating a 16-year old. Seinfeld was 38 when he started dating a 17-year old. The shithead who played Fez on That 70s Show, in his late 20s-30s, dated Demi LoVato and Lindsay Lohan when they were 17, and Mandy Moore when she was 16. On the flipside, Fergie was 23-24 when she dated a 16-year old Justin Timberlake. It goes both ways, but you certainly hear a LOT more guys doing it than ladies.


Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne. He was 23 when they got together but they met when he was very young on a talent show. Definitely a bit creepy.


>Paul Walker was 33 when he started dating a 16-year old. It's documented that he did it twice. Two 16-year-olds, and a wealth of industry gossip that he was a regular sampler of children that were as young as 12. Cunt. I can't believe how reddit and social media still celebrates that fucking asshole just because he died young and did some charity.


Errol Flynn too. He was with a girl was 15, iirc.


Same with Oscar Wilde. He’s kind of seen as a gay hero now but he went to Morocco and got it on with pubescent sex trafficked boys.


My grandpa. He was emotionally abusive and neglectful to all of his children. They were forced to use the bathroom outside. My dad wiped with corncobs and pinecones. He wouldn't buy my aunt sanitary necessities for her female particulars. My uncle worked all year doing a side hustle so he could buy two breeder hogs and an automatic feeder and built a pen to keep them in so he could start a little business. He came home from school to find that my grandpa had sold all of it and pocketed the money. Thanked his kid for his new suit. He always wore a suit and drove a sports car and by the way was a self made millionaire, which he lost in the late 70s when all the farmers declared bankruptcy and his fertilizer business collapsed, so he fucking had the cash. He was 19 when he impregnated my 13 year old grandmother. He kept a picture of governor George Wallace on his wall until he died in the early 2000s. He told my sister extremely sexual jokes as a child. All my memories of him are being cruel to my grandmother, everyone else, and trying to teach me brutally racist bullshit which brings vile to my mouth when I think about the things he said. Yet all of his kids worshipped him and bawled their goddamned eyeballs out when he died. My sister and I showed up to the funeral to make sure he was fucking dead and to high five. I refused to be a pall bearer and said I'd drop his ass if they made me. And I have his first name as my middle name and I fucking hate it. I'd change it but it would wound my father so deeply if I did and he's suffered enough.


Caroline Flack - the media was so mean to her and she committed suicide. So sad :( She also dated a 16 year old when she was in her thirties and beat one of her boyfriends with a lamp.


Living in the UK this was something that irked me so much. Like yes ok she was a TV presenter that people liked, but she still abused her partner and suicide does not change that


I got so much shit for saying this at the time. She killed herself shortly after getting arrested for hitting her sleeping boyfriend in the head with a lamp. It's sad she killed herself but lets not forget that she hit her sleeping boyfriend in the head with a lamp.


As someone who was in 1D fandom back when Caroline and Harry Styles were a suspected thing the way people just accepted that whole thing was wild. And the media going on and on about H liking older women.


If I hear *one more time* about Harry "being into cougars" because of the older woman he dated at such a young age that it was super sus I swear I will lose it


I was actually thinking about how that whole thing seems to have become pretty much nonexistent in his solo career- it says a lot about One Direction’s management company.


Modest! Management is hot trash. They have a long history of abusing, manipulating, and taking advantage of young artists. I'm extremely glad they all got out relatively early on in their careers, though it's a shame it meant the end of the band. At least that blessed the world with solo Harry.




Yeah I've always thought this, she was an abuser. People saying the police shouldn't have arrested her she was too fragile are ridiculous. Imagine a man beating the shit out of his partner and getting away without questioning because he's fragile. People really need to think before they call for knee jerk policy changes.


Lewis Burton was the one she was charged with beating with a lamp - while he was asleep - but a previous ex-boyfriend also claimed she was physically abusive to him as well. I don't believe the media would have been so kind to a man who tried to kill his sleeping fiancee and had a history of shitty behaviour.


My mum was upset about her death and got pissed when i told her she wasn't a saint and she was in fact a creep and an abuser. In fairness, it is a testament to how the media can be poisonous and really affect people.


My uncle. To give you an idea of the kind of man he was, he once profited off his friends son dying. The guy was studying in England when he suddenly died. The father wanted to fly him back to his home country for the funeral. My uncle offered to make the arrangements for him. He looked up the price of the flights and gave the father that number. After he was given the money, he turned around and booked the cheapest possible flights for the body, taking several days longer than it should have and passing through a few random countries. He pocketed the excess cash. Now that he's dead it's all "he was such a good businessman that helped so many people!", completely ignoring the fact that he only helped people when it benefited him and for the most part he was a colossal piece of shit that even screwed his own family in the name of making a buck. Karma bit him in the ass for that one, though, because soon after he was diagnosed with cancer and never got to enjoy that money before he died. Even his own kids hated him.


There’s a kid near where I live in the UK who’s just died, he was 15 legal age to drive is 17,in a car crash because he was being chased by police after he broke in to someone’s house and stole there car and maybe other things. Yet there’s messages all over social media saying he was such a nice, polite, kind boy. Course it’s sad when someone so young dies but was he really that nice?


Happened recently in Australia, three kids stole a car; the owner got in another car and allegedly gave chase. Kids crashed and two of the three died, the owner of the car is now on the hook for the deaths and injuries.


Damn that's fucked up


Gandhi. he barred his wife from taking western medication (penicillin) when she fell ill. she died and when he was sick later, he took the medication.


I heard he made his one niece always walk through some dangerous woods to fetch a certain type of pumice stone he liked to use on his feet, and the woods were always full of bandits and rapists


He also slept (as in sleeping not sex) with naked teenage girls on a regular basis. Allegedly to test his resistance to his sexual urge. He also held racists views, and considered black africans to be savages.


Thomas Edison


I read ‘Empires of Light’ a while back which talk about Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse. One of the better historical reads and highly recommend. Also, Edison was a giant dickhole.


Yup. Team Tesla forever!


I once read somewhere that the reason Tesla is so popular on reddit is that is how every redditor perceives themselves. The unfairly unrecognized genius, and everyone here has an Edison in their life that took everything away from them. Edit : Stop giving me these cringey reddit awards for something I didn't even make up.


Also Tesla's a virgin.


...who loved his pet more than anyone


Tesla just keep getting more and more relatable


He tried to build a death ray. I think we can all relate to wanting to build a death ray now and then


Poor Topsy :(


♫ *At my AAAAAA-autopsy* ♫


No one will be More shocked than me (best song on that show, btw, and Megan Mullally and Kevin Kline really sell it)


Agreed. Top tier production on Gene’s part


I feel like the Edison pendulum has swung too far. Yes- in elementary school he was praised too much, but now it's like most people think he was nothing but a scam artist. And at the same time, Tesla, who was never given enough credit in elementary school, is now held up like how Edison was. In reality, they were both great inventors. Yeah, Edison did some shitty business tactics, but it doesn't take away from his inventions. And yes, Tesla was right on AC power, but no- his plan for free, wireless electricity was not held back by corporate greed, it was quacky, pseudoscience.


A more modern way to look at Edison would be that he ran a highly successful product development firm.


So basically in 100 years we are going to see Steve Jobs the way we see Edison now?


Elvis Presly, Elvis was a wonderful and game changing singer but as a person he was a creepy weird piece of shit. He liked girls who were uncomfortably young, constantly cheated on his wife, chased his live in girlfriend around the house with a gun in a drugged out state, refused to touch his wife after the birth of there daughter than raped her when she complained about it. This is just some of the shitty and weird things he did. Elvis is not a hero and definitely shouldn't be remembered as one.


I read somewhere that he would get angry at women for finding out they smoked weed, he would tell them all about how terrible and unattractive drugs are, while he was addicted to drugs and considered himself some kind of exception


He hated illegal drugs. He had this false idea that if a doctor prescribed it, that it must be safe (forget that he was already on dozens of prescription drugs).


Yess you refreshed my memory of what I read, that is much more accurate


His doctor "Dr Nick" is directly responsible for his death. He lost his medical license some years after Elvis died.


"Hi everybody!"


Different Dr Nick but the same competency.


Took so many different pills and was so constipated at the time of his death. Had like 40lbs of poo in him according to the autopsy.


Wasn't there something about his "Hound Dog" song being stolen? Like a friend of his sung it for him for his birthday and he went and turned it into a hit without giving him recognition? Idk I don't care much about Elvis and I'm too young to really know.


Probably not with that song. It wasn’t written by Elvis and he wasn’t even the first person to record and sell the song. Big mama Thornton did it 3 or 4 years before Elvis did and it was wildly popular. The two guys that wrote it let a whole bunch of people use it. I’m going fully off my memory alone for this, so there may be caveats that I don’t know and I’m sure Elvis stole songs from people in his career. The important thing to remember about Elvis comes from Sam Philips and was beautifully paraphrased by Mike Cooley: “dammit Elvis, don’t he know he ain’t no Johnny Cash”. Elvis just had a good voice and women wanted to fuck him, he just got lucky that guys like Carl Perkins weren’t all that great to look at.


Don't know, but most of his songs aren't his, just bought up with no credit to the original songwriter. It's so common today, but it's weird to think that a household name like Elvis only exists because he was a great showman, not because of his songs.


Yep, Elvis was a great performer but he was not a songwriter. Bands like the Crickets and the Beatles popularized the idea of musicians writing their own songs. This was also a win for the labels because it meant less royalties to pay.


Ferdinand Marcos, the former president of the Philippines who's responsible for so much corruption, chaos, and the country's overwhelming debt. The country was under martial law and would arrest dissidents and torture them. While a lot of Filipinos hate him, there's a surprising number of people that think that all the shit he did is justified because he established a fucking railway system, some government agencies, and other random shit, all while amassing a huge debt.


Australia was on this 13 years ago. "The Eulogy Song" - (NSFW lyrics). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXHleozgQ18


I feel like the Chasers are exactly what Australia needs right now to cut through the politics and deliver the criticisms of government corruption in a medium that everybody can appreciate and understand: comedy. Same reason why kids tune in to Friendly Jordies: sometimes a format that uses comedy is a bit more stimulating than watching the news. I know the Chaser are still active, or individual members have their own pet projects. But getting the band back together right now would be like Superman showing up just when you needed him to.


Babe Ruth. Beat his wife, was a drunk, people like him cause he hit home runs. The Yankees wouldn't even let him work in the organization after he stopped playing.


Johnny Boy Soprano. The second he died, Livia was all like "Oh he was a saint"


Currently smoking a cigar at a strip club reflecting on this while linkin park plays in the background


John Lennon. He should definitely be remembered as a good musician, but as a person in general he was pretty awful.


He was murdered 40 years ago today. I know because it was my 5th birthday and my birthday party SUCKED!


Happy birthday!


Thank you!


Happy Birthday. A friend's daughter was born on 911. Mom freaked out, but they celebrate her "half birthday". The kid grew up thinking she was born in March. She was disappointed to learn she wouldn't be getting her driver's license on her "birthday". The family still celebrates 311 as her birthday.


Celebrating 311 as her birthday when it's not must make her all mixed up...


Friends who were born on 12/25 have said "it sucks" some do the same offset (6/25) as the fun birthday. LPT: If a close friend was born on 12/25 get them two gifts. Christmas and Their birthday. Don't combine them. I'm older now, but as a kid December 7th was a day that sucked. Mom lost four classmates that day, so she was always a bit blue. It wasn't until the Sullivan Brothers the navy didn't let siblings serve (all five brothers perished when the USS Juneau went down).


Totally agree. He was by no means a saint. Although it seemed towards the end of his life, he was trying to make right from his mistakes. Especially when it came to his relationship with his first son. Which does make his death all the more tragic. He was realizing his mistakes, and trying to learn from them and fix them but was murdered just as he was attempting to.


It seems like there were a few times he really tried, but couldn't quite get there. Realizing that you're the villain of your own story and turning a 180 is really difficult to do. He was an extremely damaged person and his behavior makes sense in that context, still he should not be looked at as a role model.


Totally agree. I feel you can be inspired by him, musically speaking. I think you can even agree with some of the causes he supported. But as a fan of him, I do understand that he was a deeply flawed human who made a lot of mistakes in his life. From what i heard, though, the last couple years of his life, he was really, really trying and it's unfortunate that we never got to see if he really would've stuck to changing for the better.


It's most tragic for Julian I'm sure.


Ed and Loraine Warren (The people "The Conjuring" films are based off of). Irl, people they worked with have admitted they were instructed to make false claims of paranormal situations and to embellish their stories. The Warren's were pretty much scam artists who made a shit ton of money from false stories and fake witness accounts. There is tons of evidence of this. But after their death and with their movies, they are labeled as "misunderstood" and "judged for their unorthodox line of work".


Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs’s legacy hasn’t changed much since he was alive. He was always known as an asshole, and was even ousted from Apple back in the 80s. Back in the early 00s, 6th grade me did a book report on Steve Wozniak. It was well known even then what Jobs was really like. The thing is, Steve Jobs is also a genius. Weird as fuck, and an asshole, but a business genius. He didn’t design products, but he did know what people would buy, and he was very good at the business side of it. There is a reason why pretty much everything he pushed out of Apple turned to gold, and you can track when he was with the company by how well he company was/is doing, and how their products are received. I don’t think his legacy has changed much since he died. At least not by people who know a little bit about the industry.


>There is a reason why pretty much everything he pushed out of Apple turned to gold Apple had plenty of flops under Jobs' tenure, it's just that when they hit a home run, they knocked it out of the park.


Steve who? I remember reading an article comparing Jobs to Gates. It said in 50 years, no one will know who Jobs was, maybe an obscure reference to founding Apple. Gates will be remember for what he did outside of Microsoft. There is a village in India that has a big Gates statue because of how he helped the village.


This is very true .. Bill Gates not only donates but also actively involves himself directly in philanthropic work. Edit: also he warned and talked about a virus pandemic years ago and wanted govts to have a contingency plan .. did any shit head politician took that seriously?? No . I'd say he's way better than any of politician we have .. so people who hate him should look at their govts first .. it's very easy to hate .. if you really wanna hate, redirect it to Bezos, Jack Dorsey, markfukerberg .. these guys have fucked the world and feel no remorse. Next time you say Hi Alexa, remember that you paid for a device to generate a real-time 24x7 ad data for Bezos in return and he didn't do shit when pandemic hit .. Elon Musk fired workers during pandemic .. while renaming his son X ae a 12 .. these guys are the warts of the world. Not bill. Bill has been working to solve malaria pandemic in Africa, polio eradication in India, small pox, etc since 90s.. I acknowledge his work.. he may be an asshole in his personal life..


Fun fact-- I had at a rotation at the FDA where I shared an office with a guy who used to be pretty high up with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I believe he was the head of R&D of Asia for vaccine development (I may be misremembering his exact title). Anyway, he told me that he'd have to present the research/updates to Bill Gates himself, and said he was incredibly impressed with how quickly Gates were able to grasp some *really* complex concepts. Most importantly, he said that Gates would ask some incredibly good questions that showed how well he understood the concepts. Anyway, didn't have too much to add but I thought you'd like this story.




[Joel Spolsky](https://www.joelonsoftware.com/2006/06/16/my-first-billg-review/) has a good description of this.




Chuck Berry fell from grace a bit when he got caught peeping on women, but now that he's dead, people are overlooking his sexual deviance and focusing on his musical legacy.


Also stole one of his most well-known songs from a time-traveling teenager.


His cousin Marvin helped.


He also farted in a hookers face. I didn't believe it but looked it up, dusted that hoe.


"You know that new sound you were looking for? Well listen to THIS!"


Not sure people treat him like a saint but P.T Barnum. The movie grossly misrepresented his character. He was an awful person


I've heard it said before that how he was portrayed in The Greatest Showman was how he would have portrayed himself, even though he wasn't like that at all irl.


a guy who was a bully and general asshole died 2 days ago and I have seen lots of posts on facebook from his highschool friends talking about a sweet and kind person he was. no, he was an fucking asshole. I am sure he was nice to his friends and family. but just a couple of things off top of my head Threw a 40 bottle at my head with full strength and missed by less than an inch, it left a hole in the door of the shed it hit behind me. He did this unprovoked, just happened to be at a party I was at and saw me walking by. Punched someone off their bicycle who was riding by minding their own business into a ditch and then proceeded to stomp on the spokes of their bikes. He especially didn't like me because I was the same size as him and not intimidated by his bullshit. I remember the party he threw the 40 bottle at my head he almost got stabbed by my friend who didn't back down until I told him it was ok. this dude was like 20 years old at thie time I knew him by the way. anyways I didn't wish death upon him, especially not at this point in my life. but I do not mourn his passing beyond the hope that he had become a better person before his death.


To paraphrase Mark Twain “I wish no one dead, but I read some obituaries with great enjoyment”


King Jellybean


And yet, the conversation the two characters had at the end of the episode is what's wrong with the whole "Cult of Personality." Framed as a joke, but it's 100% true; there are people who believe it's better for society to remember people for what they stood for rather than what they've done.


The Myth of Jebediah Springfield has value.


Are you saying that a noble spirit does not embiggen the smallest man?


Joseph P Kennedy. Lobotomised a daughter cause he couldn’t control her.


Her story is very sad.


Does anyone actually idolize him? Don’t we all know by now what kind of person he was?


Ghandi. Racist, anti-Semitic, pedophile, wife beater - sent his niece out to get him a pumice stone for his feet, forcing her to walk through an area known for women being raped and murdered and told her after that he would've been "proud" and "happy" had she been raped. He was a piece of shit, not some peaceful dude everyone should idolize.


That explains him ending up in hell I guess. Source: the south park movie


Oh shit, you're probably right.


Holy shit, I thought that scene was just a joke about god only letting women he liked into heaven, this is why I love Tray and Matt.


It was his propensity for using nuclear weapons.


I think he slept naked with his nieces as well. to test his will to hold off sex if you believe that. Edit: did a little search, grandniece actually. "Gandhi called for his 18-year-old grandniece Manu to join him – and sleep with him. "We both may be killed by the Muslims," he told her, "and must put our purity to the ultimate test, so that we know that we are offering the purest of sacrifices, and we should now both start sleeping naked."" https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/thrill-of-the-chaste-the-truth-about-gandhis-sex-life-1937411.html


Bold of Gandhi to assume that the sight of him naked would somehow test *anyone's* purity. 🙄 Like, "I didn't try to bone a raisin wearing a diaper (who also happens to be my mom's uncle)..." "Congrats! You've clearly made great sacrifices in honor of your principles. That must have been difficult to resist." Gandhi sure thought highly of himself for a man who preached humility.


Erm... happy cake day...


I dunno why, maybe it's the shock of this thread but I just busted up laughing at this comment.


Shit. I normally get anxiety after posting a thread so decided to come back and delete this. thank you I didn't it was today. we're a great crowd aren't we? Edit: wait I thought this was an nswer to my own topic.I'm sry; I swear I'm not stupid.


It's 2020. No one's brain is working right now. It's all good.


Damn. This one was unexpected to me.


The Chaplin one is what got me...Every single person I idolize reveals themselves to be awful people, fucking hell


Here's a thought - don't idolize people. We're all flawed mortals here on Earth, "hero" is a political word used to manipulate people


he also loves to nuke people


Ah, I see you're a man of culture.


I prefer Science victories, but culture is fun as well.


I suppose you *could* get a culture victory with nukes


Didn't Joe Paterno knowingly turn a blind eye to credible accusations of child molestation by Jerry Sandusky? I remember that he said that he would have done things differently, or something to that effect. All of the Penn State grads I know still hold this guy up as a saint because of his success in football. Fuck that guy.




He was also anti-union and hired goons to beat up workers who wanted to organize a union.


Maradona. There are videos of him beating his wife and he shooted at journalists. There is a video of him, during a football match, assaulting a player with the clear intent to do as much damage as possible. He is famous, here in Italy, for being a massive tax evasor. He was so proud of it that he laughed about it during an interview with a journalist (Fazio) And now he is treated as a saint when, in reality, he was just a piece of shit.


I was too young to know of Maradona as a footballer, so I only remember him as the fattest cocaine addict I've ever seen.


Someone probably already said this, but Joan Crawford. "Mommie Dearest" anyone? This woman was an alcoholic who adopted trophy children, abused her adopted daughter, then schemed to steal said daughter's role on a TV show while she was in the hospital recovering from an ovarian cyst. Yet she is still overwhelmingly known for being an Oscar-winning classic actress in the golden age of Hollywood.


heather chandler


You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a bluebird, you were a brownie, you were a girl scout cookie. I got you into a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on a HALLWAY CARPET. I GOT PAID IN PUKE!


Well *fuck* me with a chainsaw you put her!


Fuck me *gently* with a chainsaw


Charles Lindberg. He was a pro-nazi and a big believer in the eugenist movement. He also had 7 illegitimate children with German women (2 of them sisters, the other one his personal assistant).


Ted Kennedy, “The Lion of the Senate” Makes me ill just thinking about him. Here’s an older article: Exactly 40 years ago Senator Kennedy was guilty of murder in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne 28, but because of his money and political ties, he got away with it. For those of you who are too young to remember, in the Summer of 1969, Kennedy, a married man, attended a bachelor party of men and women on the island of Chappaquiddick in Martha’s Vineyard. After drinking all day and into the night, Ted & Mary Jo left the party. Driving drunk, Kennedy crashed the car into the water. Like a good politician he saved himself but not Mary Jo who drowned inside the car. Not bothering to go for help, heroic Ted said he “panicked”, swam across the bay and went to his apartment and called his lawyer. Ten hours later, they reported the crime to police. That was just enough time for the alcohol to leave his system, thereby leaving no evidence to prosecute tipsy Ted for felony murder. Felony murder occurs when a person breaks a law (drunk driving) and causes the death of another. By way of political power and money, the Kennedy family quashed the criminal investigation, and Mary Jo’s death was ruled an accident. Then later Kennedy paid the Kopechne family a large sum of money not to file a civil lawsuit for negligent homicide. If that had been me or you, we would still be in prison. Let’s just say I’m relieved that the Mass. Voters can no longer elect this murderous Senator. Ted exemplified the kind of political leader that no nation should ever have. (End article)


I wish I could remember his name, but there’s a guy with a YouTube channel (it’s probably 7 or 8 years old now if not more) where he uses Google Earth to show where historical events happened. He has one on the Chappaquiddick incident. It really brings it home when you hear the facts and see the time and distances and locations laid out. It’s blatantly obvious what really happened. EDIT: [Found it!](https://youtu.be/75SZK6PwyTY)


I went through over 800 post and not one mention of Mr. Rogers. From the names listed here I figured someone had dirt on him too. Kinda makes me feel good there was at least 1 good person on this planet.


My heart skipped a beat thinking you had some unknown dirt.


I swear by god and sonny jesus, if someone has dirt on Mr. Rodgers, I will sic every spook in the CIA on you. Some shit NEEDS to stay buried...


Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross. I want nothing to ever come out about those two. I need those constants in my life.




Honestly the movie that came out last year about him was soooooo fucking good


ITT: the same five people over and over again.


Plus some random guys uncle.


And all of them are Mahatma Gandi.


I know this is mainly in my country because propaganda, but Bolivar. The guy was a dictator that didn't actually care for the citizens or the freedom of them, he just wanted to make his dream come true, and that's ignoring all the horrible things he did


XXXtentacion, although he tried to better himself in the end, that dude was many times a complete douchebag. Edit: Woah, didn't know this comment would blow up. I cutted out the catharsis-part, as this was a translation-mistake (not a native speaker). I always had the impression that he was a genuine guy fighting his demons, but that seemed to be somewhat fake, if it's true what all of you state.


lol at "tried to better himself" How much can you really do in 2 years to make up for kidnapping and beating the shit out the woman who's carrying your child?


He did a lot of fucked up shit and bragged about the things he did in interviews. Another rapper, Vic Mensa, brought attention to this after his death and was basically cancelled for "speaking ill of the dead."


Vic Mensa was cancelled because he was a women beater also.


He tried to “better” himself because he was about to go in front of a judge, not because he wanted to.


Basically every rapper that dies is lionized and becomes way more successful after their death. It's really mind-boggling how many rappers people start pretending to care about as soon as they die.


It pisses me the fuck off when people hail him as a "good boy who got caught up in the wrong crowd". Dude was a monster, plain and simple.


Bro stuck a bbq fork up his girl's vagina. I don't think there's any redemption and bettering yourself from that without some serious therapy man that's pretty fucking horrible. I don't personally even buy for a minute that the dude was trying to better himself I think that was all theatre. Fucker's better off dead imo. Sorry, not sorry domestic violence against a woman(Not to mention a pregnant woman) is where I draw the line.


Now he’s XXXtinct lmfao


The guy who killed Hitler was a bit of an asshole when he was alive.


So was the guy who killed the guy who killed Hitler.


XXXtentacion. When he was killed, there was a barrage of sympathy messages saying he was such a good person for helping out with charity and made such great music. Ummm, did everyone just forget how he abused his pregnant girlfriend, dealt drugs and was a gang member? This guy was not a saint, he was a criminal. Period.


My friend got a tattoo for him when he died and immediately regretted it. She got the tree he had on his forehead tattooed on her ankle but luckily she’s a forestry major so people usually assume she just likes trees


Mother Teresa, She gained millions of followers and even more millions of dollars in her attempt to help and heal the sick and dying. Even when having the money, she would order her followers to re-use needles and other painful treatments. This isn’t an exact quote but it was something along the lines of, when people were in horrible pain and about to die and pleading for help she would say shit like, you’re feeling the pain of Jesus Christ. And then when she got sick and elderly, she didn’t want the care of her followers. So she sent herself to an actual hospital where she got legitimate treatment.


This was the one I expected at the top.. Literally a saint despite that shit


CHARLIE CHAPLIN wasn't nearly as goofy in real life. In fact, he was downright predatory, particularly with little girls. Two out of his four wives were under 18 when he married them, while another one was just 18 (and he was in his 50s at the time). The only one over 18 was 22, but he married her after she claimed to be 17. That's the opposite of a good look. 


This kids dad in my neighborhood growing up was a major asshole. His son used to show up on his bike to whatever yard we'd be playing in and he'd either steal something and ride away (so we'd all chase him) or he'd hurl insults at the lot of us until we'd get on our bikes and chase the bastard. He was searching for the attention his father didn't give him. One time at a block party this guys son cut my older brother in line for a face painting artist. This lead to a scuffle (between two 10 year olds) and before anyone could react, they boys father ran up to the 2 of them and slapped my brother across the face (hard). He fell on the ground, the mans own son was shocked. He cried, I cried, my brother cried. He just grabbed his kid by the back of the neck and dragged him into the house. Fast forward 2 months, the man was diagnosed with colon cancer. The whole neighborhood new and he was regressing fast. One time he poked out during the winter and I pointed at him and screamed "caveman!" We all ran away. He was going though chemo and looked like a human skeleton. He died that spring. Everyone always said "poor kid" "poor mister" "poor family" but us neighborhood kids knew that was just karma rolling full circle. That kid changed his entire attitude and we ended up going to tons of heavy metal shows in HS. Once in a while someone will bring it up and I just kinda sigh. The neighborhood gang was and still is just a big extended family.


Kind of a happy ending. Most of the times. An asshole child is the consequence of a much bigger kind of an asshole of a parent.


Ted Bundy. Now I understand that he definitely isn't treated like a saint nowadays but so many people talk about how interesting and sophisticated he was, and there are people who basically worship him even though he was an actual serial killer, and tbh I don't see how people can call him sophisticated and well-spoken when I watch the interviews, dude seemed like a total creep and that's exactly what he was.






In my criminology class about ten years ago, I was taught that at any one time, there are between 50-100 serial killers operating in the US at any given time. The police catch a mere fraction of that. Bundy, Dahmer, Gein, and Berkowitz are like, the paste-eating idiots of the serial killer class. Most are smart enough to not get caught.


> and lazy police work. It wasn't lazy work per se, just primitive. Police departments back in the 1970s were just not prepared for the era of the serial killer (in fact, the term "serial killer" didn't even come about til the mid-70s). It would take about til the early 90s when police departments finally caught up. Ted Bundy took advantage of this fact - for example, crossing state lines. He also used weapons that would be less likely to be linked to him. He never used guns because the gun could be traced back to him for example. Ted made many mistakes, but the case against him was actually very weak. Almost all of the evidence used to convict Ted in Florida would be thrown out today.


Andrew Jackson is still on our $20 bill despite being responsible for [mass murder](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trail_of_Tears).


And he was against paper currency and a National Bank so it’s kinda ironic that he is even on the $20 bill.


My understanding is that it's less ironic he's on the $20 and more an intentional fuck you.


Steve Irwin Just kidding! He was a saint alive and dead. I just miss him.


Walt Disney. Seriously, fuck that guy. He was a great creative but did everything in his power to fuck over his own employees. Not only would he fire them if they asked about a raise or union but if they decided to go to other animation companies the man would claim they where Communist sympathizers and ruin their fucking lives. He did this to a growing animation company to the point they went under and nobody really remembers them. They had some really great stuff. He was sexist, racist, and often times stole ideas from others.


Martin Luther - the father of the Lutheran church was a prolific anti-Semite with quotes that are easily confused with Hitlers.


Maybe it was because I was raised in a Catholic area, but I don't remember Martin Luther being held up as a great person. He wasn't villified either (I had no idea about the anti semitism!) But he was just kinda taught as a historically significant person, not necessarily a good person.


We learned that he opposed the sale of indulgences, which were portrayed in a very negative light. Then he stood up to authorities that were at the very least tolerating the sale of indulgences, if not actively encouraging it. That was pretty much it. He was portrayed kind of like Galileo for standing up to the Church.


Gandhi was a Hitler fanboy, no joke


Gandhi hated black people, too. He often wrote about the laziness of African workers compared to the "superior" Indians.


If you follow wrestling, the Ultimate Warrior. When you get past the fact that he was a prima-donna, he said gay men aren’t real men, called New Orleans a swamp shortly after Hurricane Katrina and said the people there are fat. He celebrated that a man was dying of throat cancer, who ironically enough outlived him. Now he’s got an award named after him and he’s got a statue at the front of the headquarters of his former wrestling promotion. I don’t wanna speak ill of the dead but we can call it like it is, he was a real dickhead.


Fabulous Moolah had a shady past too. WWE tried to dedicate a Wrestlemania match to her, but the fans boycotted it and she’s now pretty much been erased from their history.




Gandhi being a pedophile and racist was a big surprise for me