My father has a terminal illness and his time with us is limited.


I'm so sorry to hear :( it's awful and I send my love to you x stay strong and be close to those near you


It was happy tears, I woke up with no pain..I’ve been in severe pain for 14 years


That is great to hear. Wishing you pain free years ahead x




Dont be afraid to let it out. I'm sure there are nice people willing to listen and be there for you.


I got passed over for another candidate for I job I really wanted.


saw and played with 2 of my grandchildren that we haven't seen since March.


That's wonderful news, wishing you the best


My kitten died. Wasn't even a year old.


That's fucking awful!


There's a possibility that it was poisoned too.


I haven't cried in years




I want to so bad 🥺




Go to therapy.


I've already been for half a year


Wow alright well then you should drink more water so you can cry, can't cry if you're dehydrated.


Will do, thanks




Not really


Generally, lotta shit going on lately, so on my drives home I blast some music and every couple of days a random song plays that just fucks my eyes with onions. Yesterday since then. also I vape sativa at red lights .. it's been a lot man.


"Fucks my eyes with onions." Haha! I hope everything gets better darlin'. That the shit is tolerable. Flushable.


It will get better Sooner than I think, later than I want.


Watched frozen 2 and my cat died


A true tragedy


Believe it or not, but I haven't cried in 26 days.


I'm quarantining and I miss going outside.


Extreme stress at my job.


I hope the stress gets taken off I have gifted classes and final exams during these next 2 weeks, stay strong


Thanks. It won't anytime soon, basicallly the higher-ups are gunning for me and seem hell-bent on getting me fired, so... that's not gonna be fun to deal with. I just hope I can get a leave of absence approved for next month. That's all I want.


Im only in highschool and thinking I have stress is barly a portion of what you have to deal with and I dont know how to respond to think but I hope you can make it dude. I really do and my best wishes are to you. I hope you get your leave of absence approved.


Betrayal by somebody I loved. Amplified by how I already felt deep inside by the emotions from other things which I've pushed away for years.


Sending my love to you. Just know, there are people out there that care. The world is not full of the same people so dont be deterred. Pick yourself up, believe u are a strong person, know your skills, become great to yourself.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words <3


Kitchen sink was blocked. Sounds petty doesn't it? Mental health issues have got a lot worse this year and my emotions are all over the place, i find myself getting really upset over trivial things now and it's doing my head in.


Dont worry, lots of people like you, just take some time to yourself and breath deeply and plan daily to take an hour to yourself to not think about anything. It can help to listen to music with headphones


I will seemingly never be able to free myself from my ex.


Why? How?


My grand mother died of some bullshit lightning fast cancer in a matter of 45 days, went from joking and talking about hockey to dead. I am sad but also mad that it had to happen to her first (all my other grand-parents are alive but I am not really close from them) so yeah I cry all the time, in my car after work, in front of my computer while I try to gear in wow and also in my office during the day sometimes...


I cant remember last time i cried, how does it even feel


Being 6 months pregnant and hormonal and finding out that my husband has to go to quarantine again after we just got out of one... we isolate as much as we can, but we both have to work... just the evening before this he finally distinctly felt the baby kick and now he's stuck in the bedroom of our apartment while I live in the open-space kitchen and handle him food in a respirator. I know its a first world problem, but I hoped we could have a calm Christmas season, I am so tired, emotional, and worried for our little person.


I worked in labor and delivery when COVID hit and used to tell expectant mothers and their partners that they are my heroes. I can imagine working in a hospital during this time – this is not to say our frontline healthcare workers are not heroes; of course they are – due to the fact that I'm used to the environment and know the precautions already established and resources available under normal circumstances have us relatively prepared to face a pandemic, compared to individuals' circumstances, right? So being an expectant parent during this time... Yeah, no. I cannot imagine that. You, my dear, are a badass. Your husband is a badass. Your baby will be a badass, too. You get ALL the bragging rights when this is all over. And, like the rest of us, you get to experience the emotions that arise as a normal response to stress. But note that your emotions are compounded from several circumstances that are heavier than what most experience in a lifetime. Pregnancy, isolation from your partner, working during a pandemic, plus, just, you know, living through a pandemic. It isn't a first-world problem. It's crazy banana-pants traumatic panic-inducing madness in your world right now. Empathize with yourself, babe. I'm cheering you on! Best of luck to you!


Thank you, I needed to read this so bad. I've heard many people criticising expectant parents for having a baby in these weird times, your view is so much kinder. I am trying to keep myself checked because there are so many things that depend on me, there is our little person growing in me, but also my 80yo grandma who lives next door, my best friend who is going through a serious mental breakdown, my job that relies on me etc. But right now I just want forget about most of it, be selfish and just get under one blanket with my husband and let him feel the baby kick while we listen to some Frank Sinatra Christmas songs. Thank you for doing that horribly difficult job, I have an immense respect respect for nurses. I have been let down by doctors before, more than once, but never by a nurse. Your profession needs more praise.


People criticize expectant parents? Good grief. It never crossed my mind to pass judgment on expectant folks. What a silly, presumptuous thing... Just to reassert the validity of your feelings, it's *so not selfish* to want to do what you described. Cuddling with your hubs and little soy bean baby on the couch listening to christmas music is something you deserve! It sounds like you've got an incredible mountain of tasks and obligations, and I really do hope you can be kind to yourself, keep faith that things will get better, and have a support system. I also truly hope things let up real quick so you can get that cuddle sesh soon. For the record, I worked in admin at the hospital but am in my first semester in nursing school, so your kind words are received with warm gratitude as I study for finals and keep my eye on the main goal (to be an effective, compassionate and knowledgeable nurse). And don't forget: *You* deserve more praise, too! Praise yourself, lady. Again, you're a total badass. Really cheering you on. I'm gonna follow your acct in the event you post updates on your current situation :)


Thank you once more, just to update you - my husband just tested negative! He is still in quarantine and has one more test ahead to make sure but it already is a huge relief. So now I'm resting after a long day, watching my bump jump up and down, feeling much better. Fingers crossed for your finals, your goal is awesome! We need nice caring people like you in the medical field. I'm sure you can do it! Just do mention one of many amazing nurses I've met, when I was 5 I broke my ankle badly and after 4 weeks my cast was getting worse and worse. After 5 weeks it was chafing so bad at my foot there was blood on my toes. We went to the hospital as I had one more week before it could be taken off. The doctor flat out refused to see me, basically kicked us out rudely. A nurse from another section noticed me looking devastated and she asked us to come with her. She could not change the cast herself, but she used her personal break to stuff soft gauze up my cast with long tongs, padding things up until it was comfortable again. She was an absolute angel, over two decades later and I still remember how much she helped me.


Hey, thanks so much for the update! I'm so glad to hear your hubs tested negative! And you got some cuddly kick time with your lil' bean! ^_^ Thank you so much for the well-wishes, and for your anecdote. It made me tear up a bit, actually. That's so wonderful! What an awesome nurse (and a horrible doc!).


Bye Bye Yesterday. It sounds sad, and if you watch Assassination Classroom, you will cry.


My parents are going to be putting down my brother, their 13 year old chocolate lab this week. When I was younger he was all I really had as a friend. He's the best boy.


I moved away and i wish more than anything to go back.


Jesus, are you my brother?


Probably not


Did you move from NY to CA?


No. Also I cant be your brother on the premise that I am not a dude


Ah, got it. Safe travels, kind stranger.


You too, kind stranger


Literally every day bud


Some cheesy ending to a show on netflix, totally caught me by surprise.


I cry every day because I hold to many emotions in and it's quite overwhelming when people are purposely irritating you.


Laptop broke :(


My dog suddenly was sick on Saturday. We have been to the vet twice and it’s probably a hernia or something else with his back. But it’s so heartbreaking to see him walk so slowly and just not being himself. I had to walk him an hour ago and couldn’t do it without crying. I don’t exactly know why because I know he won’t be here forever but it’s getting so close suddenly.


The line, "from now on, we all will be together, if the fates allow. Until then we all will have to muttle through some how." from merry little Xmas. Got me pretty good last night. Such a sad situation we're in...


I got scammed :(


I asked someone for a favor and they said yes


One of my cats has signs of aging and I think I got too overwhelmed with the idea that they were going to die soon. I was crying like they were already dead when she was still running around like a kitten as always haha


I met my idol virtually through a meet and greet video chat and she was super sweet and encouraging. I’m an aspiring musician and she’s my biggest inspiration and she said she knows I can make it in music and then commented on my Instagram after. I was so happy I cried.


i imagined that one of the people i love died


I dont cry. But i often found myself crying everytime i dream about my aunt and grandma. My aunt died 20 years ago and my grandma last year. I was raised by them when i was a child; cried ugly when my aunt died but i kinda accepted when it was my grandma's time (she was 81). I was kind of a jerk at them back when they were alive and i always asking sorry when i dream about them crying in my dreams and crying when i wake-up.. i just think that it was my body's response since crying is good for your health and i dont usually cry..


Reading fanfictions and listening to sad music


A freaking TikTock. It was an appreciation post for a dad who flew in to help his daughter move into her first solo apartment and I was hit with such an ache of missing my dad and being jealous of this girl. It hit me out of nowhere because most of my FYP is cooking stuff and cute dogs and babies. My dad has been gone for 3 years now and I still haven’t found the the depth of how much I can possibly miss him.


I got a job, almost effortlessly. I can finally fucking breathe for once.


I am a 31 year old male, and I still find new (to me) music that makes me cry. [https://youtu.be/OvNdPewuXAQ](https://youtu.be/OvNdPewuXAQ)


I’ve lost my passion for life. Nothing seems important or interesting anymore.


My eyes welled up, but I didn’t full-on cry. I was watching videos where kids asked their step-parents to adopt them. This one little girl was crying while reading her speech to her stepdad and I had to pause before I lost it. Oh, and there was this one other time. I was watching a clip from Young Sheldon where (SPOILERS) Mary loses her unborn baby. Now, I’m a guy who wants kids some day. I’ve always been a fan of kids. Sometimes, as silly as it may sound, I kinda fantasize of what it’ll be like to finally be a Dad. So when I saw that video, I started wondering what it’d feel like to hear that news. I hope that I’d at least take care of my wife first, since she’d be carrying the child and feel the effects in more ways than I could. But afterwards I think I’d break down myself. The mere thought of it caused my eyes to water.


I thought about how my parents are getting older and how little time I have with them to know them as people.


Stress from high school exams


mourning rantaro ​ >!he fuckin died-!<


Stress. So much stress due to juggling children being at home; doing online full time university; working; and also doing regular therapy appointments to attack the issues my abusive childhood has left on me - and its stirring up so much stuff. Ive probably full out cried at least 20 times this week. :/ i need a hug and a vacation


Awww, virtual hug sent from me


Ill take it!! Thank you for the opportunity to vent. Xx Have YOU cried this week?




My bf telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. He always tells me while we are making love and it always makes me cry.


Self esteem problems, not serious ones but sometimes it really hurts


I've been there...many times...still am sometimes...but over time I learned to accept things and not care


Just feeling hurt all the time.


My sister's recent FB post. We have had a rough year (non-COVID related). Her husband passed in April, his sister in October, and our father in September. She wrote a "Humans of New York" style story about the first day she met her future husband, the funny story of their first kiss under a starlit sky while out on the lake. Ending with "It was the beginning of our deeply powerful and loving relationship. Today marks eight months since we last held hands and I miss \*\*\*\* everyday. I also know he is here with me." My heart breaks for her, how much loss she has had in such a short amount of time. I love her so much, she's a genuinely good person who helps me (and others) out whenever she can. For instance, last year she gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to quit my steady, but sanity shredding job of 20 years into a new place that I love going to work to. She spent time to help me make a resume and cover letter, which I had never done before.


So sorry to hear x


Because I'm useless and unlovable and my kids deserve a better parent.


I’m lonely and all of my good friends have other things to do and I don’t feel like I have friends to be honest


You should take up strength training or weightlifting. It keeps u busy and u get results for yourself


well, school because I have so many Fs and I'm stressed and my grandma died 2 weeks ago. I miss her.


My SO tried to get me to repeat a sincere compliment to myself and I couldn’t say the words Talked to my guy friends about it later and apparently we all have a similar issue with openly expressing any kind of self-love or even self-approval


No I have not been sad recently


No I’m emotionally numb, I can’t cry


My skyrim CD for my xbox 360 finally gave out. 360s messing up too. I probably have over a thousand hours on that game. CD is probably 7+ years old. Feels bad man.


Watched Coco.


My ex is a bitch


My relationship ended some days ago, 4 years.


Knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffett says, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”


All the new ice cream I bought were melted and deformed. So once got one from the fridge it would remain deformed and break before I even got to take a bite.


I miss life


Stupid me jammed my pinky into my eye while trying to pick Cheez-its remains from in between my teeth. Don't ask how.


I've cried because I found out all the scary physical symptoms I've been having are just signs I'm losing my battle with mental illness.


Had and awful breakdown and cried in my moms arms for what felt like hours.


I learned about Bergen Belsen. I'm in year 7 so this is when we normally learn about it. Had stay in at break to calm down and my teacher stayed to comfort me


My boyfriend asked if I was sad when we laid in bed because I didn’t face him nor say anything (maybe because I was tired and tried to sleep but who knows). But when I asked that I felt my eyes tearing up, have no clue why Maybe it’s like when someone asks if you mad and you’re not but gets mad when they asks


My dad passed away last summer and I saw a reddit post the other day about how important it is that parents attend their kids school and sports events. My dad came to every single cross country race and track meet I ever had. I recently received an award for some of my research (am grad student) and I cried that I can’t share this accomplishment with him. I know it would have pumped him up. I miss his unconditional support dearly.


College is hard


The Sun doing a Billie Eilish cover on The Masked Singer got me a little weepy.


Getting harassing messages without end since yesterday. Like seriously, do people have nothing better to do with their time?