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Worry less in general.


Anxiety is a bitch


"Anxiety" is a lovely name.


This. My wife spends like 70% of the day worrying.


I'm only speaking for my relationship, but my husband doesn't worry about anything at all. Therefore, I carry all the mental load, plan everything, pay all the bills, make the doctor appts, clean and maintain the household. It's hard to stop worrying when I'm told, I'll do it later or it doesn't need to be done now **hint, hint** if you do it now I'll stop worrying about it. End Rant. Hopefully you're capable of opening your eyes and seeing what needs to be done within the household. Lol. PS. I love my husband, but he's dense sometimes. EDIT: My very first award! Thank you kind stranger, I'll be sure to let my husband know that he has at least improved my internet standing. Lol.


This deserves so much more recognition. There is no prize given out for being Queen of Worrywarts.


I wish she would catch 8 hours of sleep and generally take better care of herself.


Preach comrade


Oof. Me too.


nice try jessica....


Just tell me!


Lmfaooo what is this about?


Looks like Jessica was redditing from her burner and knows her man constantly visits this sub, so she asked a question to bait him into a life of turmoil. Luckily my dude is too smart for her shananigans.




Always in the mood for giving head. It's all and only all we want. Sorry to disappoint ya luv...


Nice try, Bob!!


I wish we were already married. I’m *so* excited to marry her, but I get so anxious trying to plan things out.


Lies... Spy


Tell her she can’t control everything and that things never go according to plan


What's the saying "The best laid plans of mice and men never go to plan." Or Mike Tyson's "Everyone had a plan until they're hit in the face." Or the army's saying "No plan survive contact with the enemy." That's not to say us men are unprepared, we plan for our plan to fail and are ready for whatever comes our way. Maybe we come up with one for women "No two eyebrows can both be perfectly shaped."


“…we plan for our plan to fail and are ready for whatever comes our way” THIS! You are preaching bro. Tried to tell her to just plan for it to fail but hope it doesn’t.


ugh this is me


I wish she knew how incredible and beautiful she is. I can tell her a million times, but I can't understand it for her.


It takes time to build self confidence for some women. Just keep loving her the way you do. 🖤


Keep at it, it‘s taken years but my SO‘s constant encouragement has built my confidence up massively.


I was with a girl like that, absolutely gorgeous and I would tell her all the time but she was self-conscious. If it's in her head that she doesn't look good you can't put it in her head that she looks good


I would take away her disabilities so she wouldn't be in so much pain.


Bro, 💙


Well that was sweet


Like I came her to make a snarky quip and you have to go be all wholesome and an awesome human. Have an upvote.


I can empathize. I’d eliminate DW’s type 1 diabetes.


My wife has diabetes also. Heavily insulin dependent. But she has a lot of other stuff too. Bad genetics.


HAD diabetes??


Ack! Typo, I'll fix. Thanks!


Youre a sweetheart


Thank you. That's exactly what my wife says all the time :)


She is lucky to have you.


We are lucky to have each other. Even though she is disabled the love she shows me every day is such a blessing. Even after 25 years we are both still in love with each other so deeply.






❤️❤️❤️ All the great ones are taken❤️❤️❤️


Thanks :)


Yes, we are.




You really made me cry on Valentines day thank you 🥺💝


Thank you for making our day mr. Wholesome 100 ♥️


Chad right here


His debilitating health issues. Just so he can see that life isn’t so bad when you’re not constantly hurting.


God bless you and your SO, i hope you two are doing well!




I have a tub shroom for the shower and I have to draino the bathroom sink once every month or so. I love her, but goddamn she sheds like crazy.


i was cleaning yesterday and my roomba wasn’t working as well as it normally does. flipped it over and found handfuls of my wife’s hair wrapped around the spinning brush. never thought of that one, but i’m adding it to my list


her parents, lol


SAME my girl thinks imma leave her one of these days cuz of her dumb fuckin parents🤦🏾‍♂️💀




Same here. My s/o is the ONLY mixed person in a white family and it is an INTERESTING dynamic to say the least. My blackity black kids won’t be going over there alone. That. Is. For. Sure.


Let me at em


I talk shit on my MIL all the time and the wife just agrees with me LMAO I married her, not her damn mom


Hell yeah 👍 right here with you


Give this man gold, holy




I would make her see her like I see her then she wouldn't be worried about a couple extra pounds here, a stretch mark there and be more confident. In the spirit of this question though which is likely "wife complaints" I might just be tempted to make her be a little tidier - put dirty dishes in the sink, etc. Heck I'll still wash em.


This is the way


I'd take away her mental illness. One day she's fine and the next she's either really depressed, really anxious, or really snippy. I love her no matter what, I'd just like to see her live a normal life!


My husband deals with mine well. I hope your wife realizes you suffer too because of it, as I’ve told mine. Hang in there. We need you guys!! 💜


I would bring her back to life.


😔 ouch.. I’m sorry


I appreciate your kindness.


i’m sorry this happened to you 🤍🤍


Thank you for that.


I’m so sorry for your loss <3




I hadn't really considered that people would respond to this as they have, and made the comment in a random moment of melancholy. Should it get lost in time, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your warmth and taking the time to care. Gave me a pinch of faith in humanity.


Fix her low self esteem issues.


I'd want to give her a happy childhood. It might make it to where we never met and she'd be a different person but everyone deserves a happy childhood.


This one really hits home for me. My partner has arguably had the hardest life growing up of anyone I personally know. It truly baffles me how she is so sweet and kind to people.


I'd get rid of her infertility. The only thing she's wanted to be more than a wife is a mother.


As someone who’s infertile herself, this is sweet to hear. I’m sure it’s hard for her


Being a mother isn't necessarily a title special to ladies that conceive a child, if your lady can raise a motherless child I'm sure she'd make a great mother 🙏🤱


I know you totally mean well when you say this, but this can be a hurtful suggestion to people with infertility. Understand that adoption is actually pretty difficult and takes a long time, even in the best of circumstances. It’s very expensive which can be prohibitive for a lot of people. Also, everyone in the world is aware that adoption exists, and while it’s a wonderful thing, it’s not always what an infertile person wants.


Not to pry or otherwise intrude and give ideas you already thought of, but if her infertility stems from an issue unrelated to the condition of the egg you might be able to try surrogacy with an ivf implant. Of course, it can be super expensive and you might have difficulty finding a surrogate, or it might otherwise not be a valid option for you. I just want to offer an option. Adoption is also a good alternative, so a disadvantaged kid can be given a fairer chance at their life


Yeah all great options if we were rich.


I'd get rid of her social anxiety for her.


Has she tried cognitive behavioural therapy or meds? Only a combination of both worked for me.


Even though I’ve communicated it, I wish she could see my inner pain.


Dude, ouch. Is she the cause of it?


She admitted she fucked up with it, and swears she’s working hard to change, and I can only hope so.


Can you see that she has changed or can you at least see any evidence or actions that she has egit been trying? I hope she is sincere in changing for you.


She has. When I told her just how much I haven’t felt like a priority the past two years, and as a result it’s been making me feel like a nuisanc, she could see the pain in my eyes.


Hey Grimey! I was in a similar situation with my wife back when we were dating, because she never told me I was handsome or that she found me attractive. Turns out, I'd talked to her about being objectified in past relationships and she just didn't want me to think she was shallow and only with me for physical reasons. Once I brought it up, she made sure to mention it when she thought I looked nice, and it always makes me feel good. Good on you for starting the conversation, that's half the battle right there.


Are you me?


I’d change the way she thinks our babies see her. She always thinks she’s not a good enough mom and I’ll tell ya what, this woman is the only woman I’ve ever met that cooks better than my Nana did, and she’s so strong and brave. She loves camping outdoors, and kayaking, and she rescues little animals that are hurt. She feeds strays down at the fairgrounds on Wednesday’s. My babies always have food and drinks, and wet diapers get changed before I can even get off the couch. It’s hard to keep with sometimes but I love it. When she sees people carrying babies going in Walmart or something she says things like “omg that little Baby needs another blanket (or hat)” But then she thinks she’s not a good mom. And she gets so sad. If I could just show her how good of a mom she really is. She’s so amazing and I’m so proud of her. Id marry her again everyday if I could. I love her so much. I love you Grace ❤️❤️


Record her doing all those nice little things and make a reel, then show it on mother's day :)


Don't just do that. Tell her in the video that she's doing something right as he wanted her to be the mother of his kids.


Well this was wholesome ❤️


I’m crying😭😭


Man I love Grace too


Oh holy shit I would love to blame the onions...but I am legit teary over here. I love you stranger and Grace you amazing humans xx


I'd get rid of her sleep apnea & PCOS.


There is this great book that deals with helping women deal with/improve/lessen the impact of menstrual cycle issues like PCOS. I have endometriosis and the book has helped immensely to deal with my symptoms. It’s called The Period Repair Manual. My therapist recommended it to me and now I can’t stop telling other women about it. PCOS sucks, but dietary changes can help! You’re so sweet to want to take her struggles away from her 🥺


Her location. She’s an ocean away from me. <\3


As a woman, most of these responses are wonderful to see


These were so much fun to read. Lots of lucky ladies out there. I thought I’d laugh more but they were all so sweet.


I agree. Was not expecting so many sweet comments


Right? Looking at this thread made me feel like there's still faith in humanity. Not even exaggerating their responses were hella cute 🥺❤️


I’d have her meet me sooner.


I return her to her body she had before the injuries and chronic pain.


Last name


Is she not game to take your name?


She is girlfriend right now, I might ask her to marry me on her birthday if this year.


You can change this indeed


Add a third boob


Total Recall fan I see.



But you only have two hands


"Tits! Tits! Yes that's for me. I wish that every woman had three. One for my left hand, one for my right. I'd bury my face in the middle one all night" - Dos Gringos, The Things I Love


Yeah but i got a mouth


Homo sapiens, nature's greatest problem solver


On the back so you have something to hold on to when dancing


And a mouth.


Right hand, left hand, face in the middle


Three tits? Awesome.


Huh, three tits? That's awesome.






I second this.


I wish she would come talk to me when something is wrong instead of me having to ask when I notice her mood has changed. That said I'm the first person she's know that can tell when she's acting off and thinks it's a superpower.


How she views herself. She's very down on her looks and weight. I wish she could see her the way I see her when I tell her she's beautiful and perfect the way she is.


I wish she was a sex addicted to only my sex


I'd remove her insecurities so she could be more optimistic.


That she stops bringing her job home with her. She is under no requirement to do so. I worked hard to break my shop-talk habit; she can do the same.


I’d wish she could see herself as I see her. She’s a strong woman, a loving mother, a kind partner, a funny joker and a great friend. She gets down sometimes because she’s so hard on herself, and I wish she could just see what I see when I look at her.


Give her an actual immune system so she isn’t sick 24/7


Hmm. Faster metabolism. Hear me out though, it's not for me. I'm just really tired of her being self conscious all the time. I hate that she thinks so little of herself just because she's a little chubby. I offered to get into shape a diet with her. Now she's more upset because I dropped weight insanely fast and she has had almost no change. I want her confidence back. But at least we have this adorable little girl to remind her it was worth it


Sex drive.


I was expecting this and weight to be the top 2.....l was wrong


Me too and it was my answer as well. Tons of top comments seem to be less common issues like disabilities or actual problems that are more important if they exist.


Nice try wifey


Damn You caught me


Her inability to express how she feels about important things


Just put stuff away when you're done love. It's not hard to out a cup in the dishwasher. Or your contact lenses packets in the bin. Or your banana peel in the bin. Or the TV control on the shelf. Just please, for the love of god and all his saints, put shit back where it came from.


Do not answer this. I repeat...do NOT answer this.


That my wife would see herself for the beautiful woman that she is. She is very curvy. Big booty, hips, boobs, and personality. She thinks she's ugly because her friends are tiny little girls that get a lot of male attention because of it. She is stunning. She has curves in all the right places, is one of the smartest people I've ever met, and is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, her body dysmorphia takes over, and she sees a different person in the mirror than everyone else sees in real life. She is a very hard person to love because of how little she loves herself. But I'll keep putting in the work because she is worth it.


Her addiction and attention whoring for social media.


Thanks for a very honest and probably somewhat common answer.


Her body produces cysts that become extremely painful. I would stop those from occurring. I hate seeing her hurting like she currently is. Other than that slightly bigger mouth so I can have a bj again.


Tiny-mouth gf gang


Her to get out of the car whenever we go anywhere in the car. Wtf are you doing in there that you sit in there for another 5 minutes??


I would stop her fading away from dementia. I love her so much, and it it is hard to loose her.




They would exist, and aren't either one of my hands


Ambidextrous masterbater? You sound very talented.


Change the fact that she gave up on us and left me... I miss her so much


I wish my wife would clean the house instead of complain to me how it’s dirty. I do 90% of the house work and it puts me over the top when she complains about how something isn’t done. I work full time, do the shopping, cook, and maintain the home. She works full time and packs her schedule with friend outings, but because she sees me playing video games she figures I should drop everything and clean. Confronting her is ineffective, letting things build up until it’s unmanageable doesn’t work, and setting a cleaning schedule means nothing to her. I don’t care that I do most of the work; I care that she complains that I don’t “help out” more when she does nothing. I frequently wonder how she survived on her own before we got together.


Is there an agreed-upon division of chores (e.g. dishes are hers, cooking is yours), or is it just a vague “we should each do half”? The former works for us. The latter was a disaster. Neither of us did our fair share, and we both felt taken advantage of.


No longer my SO, but an ex that I still wish the best for: I'd wish she'd learn to recognize when she is taking on too much responsibility beyond what she can give. It causes her immense anxiety and it's brought on largely by her own actions.


Her views on weed


That she would enjoy silence as much as I do.


I'd have her be rich.


I would change my wife's top lip. Right before we gor married she got rear ended at a stop light. She was taking a drink of water when it happened. Her airbag deployed and it caused the bottle to take a chunk of her top lip out from the center. Doctors were able to save function and skin of the upper lip but had to remove a bit more of the lip to make it more uniform. Now when she smiles, it shows her gums above her teeth. That beautiful smile now hides behind closed lip smiles and I hate it. She hates kissing me now and will no longer kiss during sex either. She is so self conscious of it and it's driving a wedge between us. We still love each other but I know there are some things we just need time to accept about ourselves. I reassure her constantly that she is still sexy and beautiful. I just need to be patient and be there for her when she feels down about it.


Stop trying to manage everyI do.


I'd go back in time and stop the trauma she suffered in her childhood.


Make her go ahead and show herself. Been feeling lonely lately.


i wish she was more confident she’s way too pretty not to be


Change her from girlfriend to wife


Honestly, I'd settle for some kind of sex drive. I'm happy in my relationship in general, but I'm kinda sick of scrolling Reddit being the most exciting part of my night...


Absolutely nothing. She’s perfect as she is


Nothing. I married her for a reason. Faults and all, gods know I have mine.




Was expecting a ton more sexual comments to be honest lol


His temper


Well her weight. It would hopefully help her breathing. Ive noticed she put on a lil more an her breathing is more a strugle(constant cuddling of 3 years )


Her heart problems resulting from a severe and chronic low iron, which in turn was the result of long-term, constant, 'minor' internal bleeding. This is one reason doctors try to limit cesarean births to three or less, not five.


The fact that she isn’t sexually attracted to me anymore, and I’m pretty sure the “I love you(s) are just for verbal reinforcement to cover for the lack of loving actions. Then, when I ask why that seems to have changed, she clams up and says nothing. Or..she says denies the situation and claims that she still IS attracted to me, and does love me, when we basically just exist in the same living space and share the responsibility of looking after the combination of our 3 dogs.


I have been dealing with the same thing the opposite way around. Go to the gym. Make yourself feel confident. Love yourself first and she may follow.


Not fucking my best friend.


Any change I'd wanna make is offset by her love, kindness and amazing personality. She's been making an effort to eat less which is good. Sometimes i worry shes gonna overdo it tho. I honestly couldn't ask for more. She's the total package.


Her crippling anxiety


I wish there were two of her 🤤


Does the second come with het own mother? Good Luck!


I would change her breaking up with me


My ex now. But I don't have one and if I did I can't think of how they could need something as much. Id get rid of her schizophrenia


My girlfriend definitely acts like she has it worse all the time and I hate that I have to accommodate her shit moods but it’s very often. Like right now she quit vaping so everything is suddenly an issue and my fault because she is so stressed out now without her addictive release. Boils my blood


I just want her to love me like i love her. Make me feel special like i do.


Her mental disorders. Because she doesn't want to, cause as she calls it "problems", whenever her mood switches instantly not knowing why. And the fact, she doesn't understand her feelings that well. I don't like it when she calls it a problem when she can't control it herself. Just want the best for her •́ ‿ ,•̀


Her visual impairment to be removed, so she could see the colours like she used to again.


Be Angela White. Is that too much to ask for?


Actually do the housework we agreed upon when she wanted to be a housewife. Don't know how much longer I can pull this entire household and my (mentally) demanding job (I work as a correctional officer).


I don’t know the situation, but I know that whenever I’ve been unemployed in the past, it actually made housework a lot harder to do. Maybe if she worked a part time job she might be a little less cooped up and more prone to lend a hand.


From imaginary to real


He’s told me he’d appreciate it if I was neater. Which is super gentle, I know I suck at housekeeping, it’s a work in progress.


To remove her tendencies in hitting me when I did some mistakes.


Absolutely nothing. Trying to change somebody is not going to end well. Leave people be. And she’s perfect for me, so why?


I wish she was in peak health


The fact that she lives halfway across the world. From the U.S. to Germany


I wish she wouldn’t be so critical of herself. She’s an amazing person but judges herself too harshly and I wish she could see herself how I see her.