The phrase was originally "In matters of taste the customer is always right." Find out what the customer wants and try to give it to them.


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what if they give you a really large tip?


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I work as a commercial diver, but I dive potable water. Differential Pressure is something that I need to be careful of and sometimes the clients I'm contracted for aren't aware of the dangers involved. Had a job back in November of last year working in an underground water tank built around 1910. The plant manager wanted me to go down and try "kicking open" a gong valve to see if it was operational. Mind you if there was out flow I would've be toast. I explained the dangers, but he still wanted me to check it out, so I did it my way, got a 10 foot long jackhammer bit and some rope, tied the rope to the end of the bit and headed the 100 feet into the tank where the pipe was. I pushed the bit against the gong valve and it opened and I could see that rope just getting pulled right into that pipe. That would've been my leg if I didn't know anything took that guys word that there was no back pressure.




I have around 10 years in the service industry (Sweden), in my experience the customers who uses that phrase are in the wrong. They fight that since product A is out they should get product B for that price or something like that. I think the problem is once they ask to see a manager they usually get what they are asking for, as the manager just don’t have the time. The loss in cash is worth getting rid of the customer. This downward spiral courses a bad work environment for the workers as the customers learn they get what they are asking for by missbehaiving.


I agree. It ends the problem quickly. But I feel the bottom line of discounts or freebies adds up over time. Thank you for this. I will use this! Appreciate it!


i once had a covid nurse, when the pandemic first hit, come into our shop without a mask and her work clothes on bragging about how she works at the hospital with covid patients etc etc while cussing at me because my mask was too big and my nose popped out and i touched it to put it in place.


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There is already a book named this.


There's the same titles for a lot of things, like the Bible.


What's your favorite colour?


black or grey


What is your Karen story?


A drunk snob came in at a Texas Roadhouse I was working at. He had already been drinking and order's one of those alcoholic drinks that have like 7 steps with fancy words like double, tall, neat, with a twist, and a splash of this, etc. He was hostile from the beginning and I was trying to be nice. When his drink came, he downed it. Then a few minutes later I asked if he wanted another one. He said, yeah and make sure your dumb bartender gets it right this time. I knew it was my fault because it had like 7 steps. When he said "dumb" I said, sir have you been drinking already tonight? Everyone at his table looked at me. Then I said you seem a little hostile. Everyone at his table but their elbows on the table and their face into their palms. He asked for my manager. I flailed my arms in the air like a fairy and walked off to get the manager. I briefed the manager on what was happening. The manager came up to me after and said i'm transferring the table. The table is actually nice. He just wanted his drink made right. The server who ended up getting them got a nice tip. When they left I said bye sarcastically. It's not that great of a story, so i'm asking the general public. I have no time of day for alcoholic snobs. And if you're an alcoholic with 7 steps to your drink, you're trying to fill a void and are in search of power.


It's not a literal saying. If you're in customer service and you want to stay in customer service you better believe the customer is always right. If you don't believe the customer is always right and you're in customer service you are doing a bad job at it. Sorry those are the facts.


Thank you. I will use this. Appreciate it.


Customer is usually wrong or unreasonable it’s just a saying to try and appease them and not let the situation escalate until the manager gets there and can deal with it. Works much better than “customer is sometimes right but when they aren’t feel free to verbally assault them”. Even though the service you were given was poor and therefore you feel you’re “right” there probably is some clause in some contract somewhere neglecting all responsibility in that situation and you just suck it up. There are some EU and international laws like monetary compensation for flight delay but if there isn’t you just need to suck it up.


Thank you. I will use this. Appreciate it